Sunday, December 15, 2013

Now that's fast..........

I ordered a chest freezer last night from Lowes. I have been putting it off for some time, but when I go up for the holidays, I return with a years worth of pierogi. These are not regular store bought pierogi, but home made pierogi. One limitation has always been freezer space, but not anymore. Anyway, I ordered it yesterday evening online and selected free delivery. They tell you at the end, the store will call and schedule a delivery date. I am sitting down to eat dinner today and the doorbell rings. It's Lowes with my freezer. Luckily, I had already cleared the spot out for it so I would be ready later in the week. It' sitting there purring away. Now I can stock up with meat when they have their bulk sales. The butcher runs specials on quantities of meat. My one buddy told me about the ziplock vacuum bags. I have been using them for a couple months now and they are nice for eliminating freezer burn. Helps reduce space as well. It will be nice not having to stuff everything into the side by side.


  1. I have been using bags from this company and they work well.
    At a nickel a bag they are much less expensive than the name brand bags.
    Was going through the bottom of a chest freezer and found some two year old vacuum bagged venison sausage that when I cooked it tasted like it was fresh.

  2. Thanks for the input. I will have to give them a shot.