Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why can he not lead?????

Now is the time for immigration reform..... Really???? How about sitting down with congress NOW and getting the budget done. Work on reducing the spending so the debt ceiling can begin to shrink. You know, instead of waiting for the last minute and kicking it down the road again.

How about fixing Obama care instead of trying to throw attention away from the mess and trying to let future dimocrats into the country. Repealing would be good, but making it somewhat functional may be a start. What Obama doesn't understand is the people logging in are not necessarily for Obama care as they are likely trying to stay legal by signing up to avoid the fine. Kind of like I pay my taxes so the IRS doesn't haul me away, not because I like giving my hard earned cash to the government to be doled out to democratic voters for free cell phones, cable, housing, food stamps, spending cash, and utilities.

Here is a fresh thought. How about using this non election year to make a law requiring a photo ID at the poling place to prevent demorats from voting over and over and over and over  voting fraud. There is absolutely no reason not to do it. No legitimate reason.

As for the immigration reform, let ICE do their job unhindered. If you really think it is broken, how about just putting a question on the 2014 ballot asking all of America if they feel amnesty is in order. You know, poll the whole populous, not just the unemployed welfare recipients and illegals that have the time to picket. The rest of America is busy working and paying taxes with no time to picket. Give us a say. Reagan already gave amnesty once. It did not work. DON'T REPEAT MISTAKES.....

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