Friday, January 31, 2014

Lot's to do, and I get to work

Tomorrow is the big gun auction, and I have to work. Oh well, there wasn't much I was interested in this time around. And I get to make a little extra cash. Besides the gun auction, it's double gun show weekend. A couple weekends a year, two gun shows, one in my county, the other, one county over, land on the same weekend. It will be a nice one day weekend anyway. Surprisingly, as close together as they are, there are enough vendors and people that they are both rather full gun shows. Not like when the two Evansville ones line up and half set up at one and the rest set up at the other one. The one in Booneville is usually really cool. They get some antiques and unique guns and trinkets. Still getting over a really vile bug, so have to see how ambitious I get. Definitely going to try and hit at least one of them. Antibiotics are knocking the edge off a bit. They have been kicking the bug around work for a couple months now and I was hoping on missing it. Hate giving money to the doctors that can be better spent on ammo.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Busy day

Work all day, and then, time to prepare. All blunt throwable objects removed from viewing area, check, Barf bags handy, check. I do believe I am as ready as ever to listen to what the leading liberal has to say. Can't stand watching him, but I do try and keep up to date. He has already said he is prepared to move forward without congressional approval, so, I am not really sure what the nimrod has to say.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hanoi Jane, a role model?

Yes, Michelle Obummer actually looks up to Jane Fonda. Maybe she doesn't know the history of Fonda because she is too young? Nope, she is the same age as me. The shameful way she behaved during the Vietnam war towards our soldiers, I have no use for her. We have someone in the white house who actually holds up a traitor as a role model. Probably looks up to Rodman as well. Total scumbags all three of them.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Finally got all the paperwork for the truck so I could go get license plates. I have been through the BMV quick before, but this time it was extremely fast. Walked in and immediately got called to the desk. plates are swapped other vehicles are renewed for another year. I was in there less than fifteen minutes. Now if only the last of my tax documents would get here, I could finish the other annual annoyance.

Woke up to a dusting of snow and a little ice on the roads. Glad I headed out early. They have no idea how to drive down here. Had some mental midget trying to mate with my rear bumper during the later part of the run to work. He took the hint and backed off after we passed the first vehicle sticking up out of the ditch alongside the road. One of four that I had to maneuver around. Crazy weather spurt as well as drivers. The people who started a couple hours early had clear roads, and within a couple hours of arriving at work, the roads were once again clear. Ready for springtime. Kids got another snow day. At the rate they are going, they will be going to school all summer making up the time.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Two whole days off

I still can't believe it. Hot job in house and I got the whole weekend off. That never happens. Came home and made a nice vat of chili to enjoy over the weekend. We actually got a dusting of snow today. Woke up to a little snow on the grass, you could clearly see green patches everywhere, and, they delayed schools and closed some. I remember as a kid walking through blizzards to school. They never cancelled. It is quite weird being down here and watching the shear panic when white fluff falls from the sky.

Indy show this weekend, but I am leaning towards just staying home and trying to finish up a couple projects that I have in the works. Be nice to relax a bit and enjoy some chili and corn bread. Been using a cornbread recipe with some cream corn mixed in and it is really good.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Just under the wire......

The management that can't manage (my bosses) came up with a hot job. Total mold rebuild to be done by Monday morning. The mold won't be here until tomorrow, late. Usually takes a week to refurbish a mold. The weekend list turned into a Saturday and Sunday deal. There are only a few people off, and, so far, I am one of them. That never ever happens. I won't be safe until tomorrow afternoon, but it is looking good. Either way is OK. one way, it's more money, the other, I get a weekend. It is Indy 1500 weekend, still deciding if I am ambitious enough to make the journey. Weather may make up my mind.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hump Day.....

Finally remembered to start the Vette up and let her run a bit today. Been several weeks, and, she fired right up. This is the first non Die Hardly battery I have had in it. I really wish I would have changed brands long ago. I have always blamed the dead batteries on me not running the car regularly. No more sears batteries for me.

Got the Indy gun show this weekend. Not sure if I am going yet or not. Have to see how ambitious I get. Started a couple indoor projects and would like to stay focused. Trimming out the fireplace and hiding some of the wiring for the surround sound. Kept putting it off, but I have a good start on it now and should wrap it up this weekend.

Picked up a used hard drive off fleabay for an old lap top I have. Figure for forty bucks, I have a nice back up computer. The sound and video card were pretty nice in it as well for a laptop. Had bad issues with it a year or two back and just got a new computer. Wound up the drive was the whole problem (if you don't count the Vista windows in the equation). It did come with the win 7 upgrade discs though, which I am currently installing. Couldn't salvage anything off of the old drive. Sounds like a blender when it runs. Most important things I usually back up to a CD or a DVD anyhow, so no great loss. More of an inconvenience.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Ahhh, the weekend

Quite soggy, but very warm. GO global warming. Almost fifty out and suppose to stay warm through the weekend and part of next week. It was a rough first week back. Had one machine break a reader head on a scale that was buried in the depths of its rather nasty bowels. Took a day and a half to get it back up and going. Then, back to fighting the POS that I had the servo drives rebuilt for. Got the drives installed late last week, but, it decided to eat something else in a totally unrelated part of the machine. Machine runs great and holds size well, it's just ancient, like me. Most of the CNC grinders are circa 1980.

Feeling almost human again and I have the weekend off. Hopefully get to enjoy the weekend, soggy or not. Actually feel like going out and doing something and I am no longer coughing up bits of lung, yeah. May take a run out to Whitaker gun shop. Try the truck out on the highway for a bit. Haven't been up to driving other than back and forth to work.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wow,, I didn't realize how bad it got.

I lucked out down here and we missed almost everything. We had a dusting and we have the ice cold. I have been living on Nyquil and sleeping a lotttt. I worked yesterday and today with my head buried in a machine getting it up and running. I have not watched the news. I hibernated where I could. Until today, I did not realize how bad the storm hit most of the Midwest area. My son called and said Ford shut down. Told me he had a couple feet of snow by him. I don't miss the lake effect snow one bit. He said they shut down the expressways. It has been a couple decades at least since I have seen that happen. I use to have to drive on the expressways up their daily. Express they never are.  Take care everyone and I hope the thaw comes soon. Stay safe and warm.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

At least I made it through the holidays

Finally got the bug they have been passing along at work. At least I managed to enjoy the holidays. Just knocking back Nyquil and relaxing for the weekend I guess. Suppose to get down right cold and snowy tomorrow anyway. May turn into a three day weekend.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Ah, the weekend already.

I could get use to a two day work week really quick. Next week however, she gonna be a long one. Did manage to come home and get right on some chores. While up north, I was rather impressed with the job Og did on his kitchen. He had a rather nice light set up for the countertop. I liked it so much, I had to add it to my kitchen as well. Thanks Og. Perhaps if my back and knees feel like bending tomorrow, I will start on the fireplace. Picked up some supplies to dress it up a bit. Just need some ambition and mobility. Cold weather has the joints a little extra creaky as of late. For now, relaxing with a napping dog at my side.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Well, one of the major companies in a liberal area follows through...

Magpul has followed through with their threat and is in the process of moving out of Colorado. It is nice to see a company sticking up for what is right and following through. Now if the people at Beretta would follow through on their threat, it would be a nice trend. Maybe Magpul can sell their building to one of the potheads to open a marijuana/head shop. Maybe South Park is how Colorado really is, who would of thought.

New year, same dysfunctional place....

Back to work after a nice vacation. Total disarray as usual. On the plus side, my servo drives came in and I managed to install them in between emergencies and mayhem. Hopefully be able to power it up and check it out tomorrow if left alone for a bit. Fortunately, the weekend list is out and I am not on it. I am now officially half way through my two day work week, and, it's payday. Doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bah, humbug. Back to work tomorrow

It was a good run, but back to the old grind tomorrow. Quite literally. Hopefully my rebuilt servo drives will be waiting on my bench when I get back and I can get the little OD grinder back up and kicking. The time off was nice. Wish I had been more productive with the time, but I enjoyed some down time. I can get the chores done in the evenings that I have to do. Did some reading on my downtime, as well as watching some walking dead. One of the shows left on the air I enjoy watching.

Caught the latest hobbit movie at the IMAX. They do a decent job, but, like most stories, there is so much material, you can only touch on the highlights of the adventure. I had to read the hobbit back in junior high. I also read the lord of the rings books back then. Much like Stephen King movies, the books are way better than the movie could possibly be. I reread the hobbit a couple weeks back just to refresh myself with the full story. They did do a great job with the graphics, though the price is a bit high. Don't do the movies much, but when they get a decent action flick with 3D in it, I make a trip to the theater.