Thursday, January 31, 2019

Taxes are done.

I have been dreading taxes. New tax laws and the not knowing part. I love it. Went in to tax prep agent to set appointment. He wasn't busy. He did them on the spot, no wait. Awesome..... And did I luck out, because when I got done, there was a line in the lobby. I got in ahead of the after work crowd. This is the last year I have them done. The new tax system is so simple, you don't have to do much anymore. Thanks Trump. I have been worried whether enough was coming out during the year. It wasn't a problem. The personal exemption went up so much, I can't write off mortgage interest and taxes anymore, because I don't pay enough of them to exceed the personal exemptions. I took home more all year and am getting a decent refund on top of that. It's a relief to know that everything is fine. I am curious to see how the democrats are going to handle it after everyone files their taxes and finds out that the common worker IS taking home more and actually gaining from the tax change. I am relieved and glad to have it out of the way for another year.

The cold weather is here, but it has been a good winter overall. Only a couple inches total of snow so far this winter. You don't have to shovel cold. Suppose to get up to the sixties early next week according to forecast, but is single digits now. Crazy weather patterns. I am ready for spring.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Back to work tomorrow

Two weeks off is nice, but it still goes by too quick. I got a ton of stuff done though. Finally broke through to the attic. First time I have been able to see it since buying house. I was relieved to find it dry, well insulated and no obvious pest problems. This area is notorious for termites and the yard has carpenter bee damage, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I finally was able to run wiring up from basement to attic so I could install a ceiling fan in living room. That is a huge project off my work list. And best part, the floor lamps can go now. I am so happy with the way it turned out. Have to swing by Lowes and get replacement bulbs. Ceiling fan came with LED lights, but they are the soft white. Soft white to me looks yellow. I like the daylight LEDs, so it will be an easy swap. Only modification I have left on that is to add a 4way switch to the two existing 3 way switches, so I can have a switch by the hallway so I can hit it coming out of the bedroom. The existing two switches are by the front and rear door. They weren't hooked to anything. Being an old house, they were probably, at one time, hooked to the upper plug of the wall outlets to control lamps. They were abandoned long ago. I am so happy they didn't completely cut the wire flush and I was able to tie in on the two switches in the wall. Houses down here don't use conduit, so if you want to fix or run wiring, you just about have to open a wall. Where I want to put the four way switch is where the hall closet is, so I can run the wiring up the closet and cut a box into the wall. Easy fix, but not today. Maybe next weekend.

My car radio and adapters came in, but I am still waiting for the license plate bracket back up camera to come in so I can install it all at once. It is suppose to be here by Friday, so I will hopefully put it in Saturday.

Not ready to go back to work tomorrow. I could get use to retirement really easy. Like my job, but I sure do love my leisure time better. Have three months before my next vacation. Still in the fifties down here so it doesn't even feel like winter. I am enjoying it. Think I will take it easy tomorrow after work. Been so busy while on vacation, I actually feel like a little down time now that it's time to go back. May just light a little fire in the fire pit tomorrow when I get home tomorrow and relax in the back yard if it isn't raining.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Truck is back

Picked up truck today, so I am back up to full mobility. The mustang is nice, but I use the truck SO much, I miss it when it isn't there. It's nice to go to Lowes and pick up anything you need. Mustangs, you have to really think about what your getting. First stop today after pickup was lowes, to pick up lumber and supplies. Making some serious headway on most of the projects I wanted to get done. It was a torrential downpour all day today, so no outside work. Weekend is suppose to be awesome. Fifties or sixties. Go global warming. Might make a gun run down to Owensboro to the biggest gun store I know. Haven't been there in a couple years. They built a new building. Might go check it out. My new radio for the mustang is suppose to arrive today (ahead of schedule), so hopefully I can get that in tomorrow morning.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Nearing the end of vacation

Two weeks off is nice, but it is still hard to go back to work. Three days left. Got some stuff knocked out, but no where near what I hoped. I fought most of the day today running surround wiring for the entertainment system. Works much better than the wireless system did. Dropped ceiling in the basement helped somewhat, but still had to snake the wires through the ductwork and plumbing. I also finally made progress on finding the wiring for the light switches in the living room. When they rewired the house years ago, the switches were abandoned in the living room. Fortunately, I was able to find a junction box that came from the switches when I removed the drop ceiling. I temporarily hooked into it and installed an outlet in the living room so I can operate the torch lighting through the switches for now. Next step is cutting an access to easily access the attic. Somehow, over the course of the eighty years the house has existed, the only access I have found is in a closet and is so small, you would have to send a small child up there as an adult wouldn't fit. Hopefully, I can cut the new access and get a ceiling fan installed in the living room.

As far as the vehicles, I had the tinted windows stripped and retinted on the mustang, and it looks perfect. Went with a lighter shade of tint and had the strip removed from the windshield. It is like a new car now. Have the radio ordered. It will be here next week. Touchscreen with Bluetooth. Be able to hook up my I-pod again. Hook up a back up camera as well as they are only about twelve dollars.

No garage and constant rain and drizzle most of the week, I finally caved and took the truck in to have the wheel hub checked. I was right, it was shot. The other side wasn't making noise, but was also badly worn, so I had them do them both. It kills me to have someone do something I am capable of doing, but it had to get done. Cost wasn't as bad as I thought, but still cost me more than I care for in labor. Still, it is out of the way now and I will have two operable vehicles now. Picked up the mustang today. The truck got done at their quitting time and there was nobody to come pick me up to get it, so I will pick it up in the morning. They are next to the barbershop, so I can get a hair cut on the trip.

Ordered some gutter guards and they came in, so for more fun and excitement, I will be installing gutter guards if the rain subsides long enough. I am thankful it is not snow. I love the mature trees, but in the fall, I pay dearly for it. The oak tree held leaves until we got a freezing rain and snow that knocked them down, and into the cleaned out gutters. Clean them one more time and try the new gutter guards and see how they do. Back yard sucks as it is two stories in the back and the ground isn't level on the drain end. With my knees, I am not climbing over the roof and trying to kneel to lean over and clean them out and install. Suppose to be in the 50s for the weekend, so should be fairly pleasant weather for it, if the rain stays away long enough.

Hope to drop by a garage builder tomorrow as well and see if I can get some decent estimates on the new garage I want to build. I have some pictures and sizes I want them to quote. I would still like to build a steel garage. They make openers for the roll up doors and it would be easier for a lift not having the rafters to contend with. Want to see if the front or back yard would be better. Both have their pros and cons. The modern steel garages look great. Nothing like the steel sheds they use to look like.

Really wish I had gotten more done over the time off. Under the weather part of the time. At least I made it back home for the holidays before getting sick. Not too bad, just really tired and sick to my stomach for a few days. Slept way more than what I wanted to, but I feel a lot better now and am getting things squared away. Not sure what that was all about, but it sure took a bite out of my vacation.