Tuesday, April 30, 2013

AARP, really

I got my first mailing from AARP today. I do believe I have a few years/decades to go yet before heading into retirement. At the rate my 401K is going, along with social security being pilfered to oblivion, it may be until I take a dirt nap. On the plus side, no bills.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Back to work -week one

Only been back from vacation a week and I am ready to go again. Back to ten to twelve hour days. Money is good, but it sure gets harder as the weather gets better. Living room floor turned out great. I still need to nail the trim in place, but it is all cleaned up ready to go. Tomorrow after work, I can get the air compressor and brad nailer out and get it done. Battery in Vette was dead last weekend, so I couldn't move it out of the way. Work has been so hectic, I haven't felt like doing it after work. May have hit the range Sunday for a little R and R. I may go safe shopping as well. Know which one I want, just have to see which of the two places that carry it has the best price. Now that the living room is done, it is ready for a new safe. The guns that don't fit in my other one will have a cozy safe home and I will have room for new toys.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's hell to get old

Woke up today and couldn't hardly move. All the crawling around yesterday ripping up carpet and putting flooring down had me sore just about everywhere. I did manage to get almost all of it done today though. Just need to put some trim and thresholds down and reinstall base boards. May do that tomorrow if I can still bend that low. Turned out great. Dog did his part laying on the boards, sitting in the pathway to the saw, asking to go out every few minutes. Not sure where I would be without all his help. Not sure if he likes it or not though. He loves going at a dead run as fast as he can doing laps through the house. Poor dog can't get traction on the wood flooring. Like watching a dog do a burn out. One day of vacation left. Still would like to hit Louisville gun show tomorrow, but I believe I will be recovering and trying to get the joints working again.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Oops, I tried to save money

Finally got around to ripping the carpet up in the living room and laying the wood floor. Now I have used Pergo with very good results, but, I had the bright idea to try the Roth Allen flooring at Lowes. What a mistake. I am laying 300 square feet and the Roth Allen crap was a dollar a foot cheaper. It looked great and the samples seemed OK. I spent a couple hours trying to get the stuff to lock and stay. I have laid a lot of tile and wood flooring so I am not new at it. I figured I could save about $300. Nope. I had cut to fit one full box and part of another trying to get it to work. In the end, I wound up taking the unopened boxes back and picked up the Pergo. When I got home, I started putting the replacement flooring down and actually got a good chunk of floor covered. Should finish tomorrow afternoon. Wish I hadn't have tried to save money. Wound up losing about $100, almost half a day labor and having to haul boxes back and pick up replacement supplies.

Check out was fun too. On the original purchase, my Lowes card had to be ran through a couple times and had to verify on the phone that it was me and I was buying something. Here I go the next day, take old flooring back and get it credited to account, get new flooring. head to check out. Card declined. Poor cashier is the same one I had yesterday when I had trouble with the card. She is going through the hoops again trying to get the purchase to go through. I finally just pay cash with money left from last weeks machine gun shoot. I get home and call Lowes. I get the Hindu help that speaks broken English on a bad connection after a wait. I ask what the problem is. Two days in a row I have problems out of my card that has a zero balance on it. I use it to get the discount. They give you a choice of a discount or 6 months same as cash, so I usually just put it on the card and pay it off when the card comes in. Well the Indian woman on the other end of the line is trying to figure it out. She asks me if I tried charging  a grand today at a store. Yes, that is what I am calling about, it was rejected. Well sir, we didn't know if it was you or not so it was declined. ?????????? In the end, she said it is fixed???? what ever was broke. and all should be good now. I hate dealing with customer service that is farmed out to foreign countries. I have another issue with the card, I am going to see if the store has a way I can talk to an actual American worker who may have a clue. It happens again, I will start shopping Home Depot.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh oh, Gabby is pissed


Please explain how Gabby and her husband can bitch about a bill not passing and judge other people for the same thing they do. Gabby's hubby bought an AR and some magazines (or clips as the libs like to call them) not long ago. It is all over the news, look it up. I HATE hypocrites with a passion.
He claimed in one article that he did it to prove how easy an "assault weapon" (what libtards call AR's) is to get. Real funny part is he was turned down the first time because his ID had an outdated address on it. Then, when he went back with new ID, he had to wait twenty days for a waiting period at the place he purchased it. Sounds really easy to get, doesn't it. Almost sounds like the background checks that are in place work, doesn't it? Worthless two face libtards.

 The people have spoken. We called our congress critters. We wrote them. We donated to the NRA and other support groups. We won an uphill fight (at least temporarily) even with a billionaire and a group of mayors doing all they could to rig the vote. I am waiting for Donnelly to come up for a reelection. He wants to vote on party lines, he can go to Illinois where he would be appreciated and rewarded for it. I don't much care what they put up against him, they have my vote. I believe the democrats are in for a rude awakening in 2014, or at least I sincerely hope they are.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Waaaa Waaaaa


Oh no, Obama didn't get his way. That's OK, they will just keep pushing until they do. I am trying to figure out where I can purchase one of those rapid firing assault weapons they keep talking about. All I have are the regular semi-auto type AR's. You know, pull trigger, one shot, release, pull again another shot. Gee, I must be in the wrong stores. I purchased a couple more AR magazines while they are in stock, but I couldn't find any "clips". I really do wish the media could grasp the terms and use them properly. I do see the media has lowered the count from 90to only 80 percent of people want universal background checks. I don't know a single person who agrees with that, but, I do live in the southern part of a red state. I believe if they get it down to about 10 percent, they will have a more accurate number. And those 10 percent won't really understand what the universal check is. I am hoping ammo starts to come down a bit now that some of the stupidity has worked it's way through congress. I am also hoping voters remember to thank all the democrats as elections roll around. People have short attention spans so I am hoping the democrats keep the ball rolling for a while to keep it fresh in peoples minds. Some are beyond help. You will never see Illinois go red. Same with some of the places that have the new strict gun laws. People have not ousted any politicians, and, shamefully, they will ignorantly reinstate them again at the next election. Hard to feel sorry for people that will do that to themselves over and over again.



The vote came back no. No thanks to Donnelly who voted yes in both instances. He needs to be flogged. He needs to be kicked out on his ass. What needs to be done to recall a senator??? The bill died, but the treasonous democrats are not hanging at the end of a rope. Every yes vote against the constitution should be treated as an act of treason. They should be ousted immediately. I don't understand why the states that have recently adopted the strict gun laws don't have the politicians responsible looking for a new job. I am very thankful it died in the senate and hopefully they can get back to the economy, jobs or something that may have meaning.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting back to normal

Headed down to Whitaker gun shop to snoop around a bit. It is actually looking almost normal again. They actually have lots of AR's on the shelves again. Most of an aisle anyway. They had a few AR10's, but not quite what I want. I will keep an eye out though. Would like a 24 inch bull barrel.  Whitaker's never profited on the mayhem. They always had the prices at or below MSRP even at present. They were unwrapping new arrivals while I was there. The pistol cases are getting back to normalish. Still only about half capacity. Rifle and shotgun areas are still pretty bare. Cool part with Whitaker's, if you follow their facebook page, they post all their new inventory as it arrives including ammo. Helps out since they are about a half hour down the road. May have to hit them on the way back from the Kentucky show this weekend. Hoping on scoring some ammo at the show this weekend. Could use some .308.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spike is home

He was happy to see me, but smelled like he rolled in any and everything he could find. In other words, he had a great time. After riding home with the windows down, and an immediate bath, things are back to normal. Although I believe he preferred the smells stay intact. Other than that, today was just a little relaxing. Tomorrow I will try and pick out a flooring for the living room. I thought I had one picked out but Lowes seems to be having problems getting it in. Would like to get it done while I have time.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Went back to Cabela's today and used my coupon and points. Picked up another hundred rounds of .223, some munchies for the trip home, a few clothing items and a new sonic clean for brass and gun parts. Coupon came up at about 10% of order. Smokers weren't on sale so I may check again next week. Heading back out to Louisville for their big gun show next weekend. May hit Cabela's and relieve them of some more ammo as well.

After Cabela's, I headed over to the Louisville zoo. They have a nice one. Spent a few hours burning off some calories and enjoying the sites and the weather. Down right gorgeous out all day. Headed back home and got settled in. Be nice to sleep in my own bed. I hate hotels. Hotel was nice, but the beds and pillows are never very comfortable. Tomorrow is probably just a little relaxing. Have to pick Spike up from doggie day camp. He is probably pretty ripe but happy. Nothing a bath won't handle.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Machine gun shoot

Started out the day hitting the new Cabela's in Louisville. Got to see R Lee Ermey as he was visiting the opening. They had some nice guns in the gun library and I do believe I will hit them tomorrow for a smoker on my way home. The gun display was ridiculous. I didn't even bother looking at the new guns. They rope off the gun display and you have to get in a line and wait your turn to walk the gun display. Hardly anyone was looking at guns, but you had to wait in line to be able to have a salesman follow you through while you look. Sorry Cabela's, I will just go elsewhere for my guns. Enjoy your silliness. Whitikers has a better selection anyway. I did manage to get some .223 for a normal price. Pre school shooting nonsense prices. They have a limit, but, I will stop tomorrow and buy my limit again. May have to go out and back in once or twice. I am not hoarding as I will actually shoot what I buy. 

Machine gun shoot was very nice. No ammo for my Garand or my 03's, but I can order that from CMP. I was looking at a couple M1 carbines as well as a couple M2's. Did some drooling over a couple M14's, but they are just a tad pricey. Some day I may get silly enough to add one to my collection. The M2 carbines were not badly priced. One of those has a high possibility of winding up in my safe. I can always shoot over to Knob Creek to play with it and it would retain or gain in value. They have an annual membership at knob creek and are only a couple hours down the road. I can always switch the auto off and shoot at the club. Lots to do in the Louisville area as well. Hotel I picked is nice and is centrally located to the shoot and other attractions. I will miss the Patton museum this trip as they are closed Sunday and Monday. Picked up a bayonet for my K31 while there. Ammo was so so. They had some, but the prices were high for surplus. Most was the wolf brand non-reloadable. I prefer brass so I can reload when supplies run low like they are now. I have several hundred rounds at home and will pick up another 150 tomorrow at cabela's before heading back. Plan on hitting caves on the way home. Hope to get a safe while I am on vacation as well. Was going to post some pics and vids of shoot, but my phone is being stubborn and doesn't want to upload to computer. Like my RAZR, but it doesn't play well with the computer. My old phone synched up automatically. Not sure what the problem is with this phone.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Finally vacation time

Tomorrow I am off to the new Cabela's and then the machine gun shoot. YEAH. Got most of the latest hot job out at work, the rest will just have to wait til I return. After a few phone calls, I was able to get off jury duty and my name put back in for another date in the near future. Relaxation here I come. This time tomorrow I will be watching many things go BOOM. May even come home with a new toy and hopefully some ammo. The 30-06 is running less than the .223, so, I will probably load up on 30-06 tomorrow. May get my AR10 tomorrow as well along with some .308 ammo. Have to see how things go. Figure on hitting Boone caverns while in the area as well. Need to hit the Patton museum again. Last time I was there they were expanding it and I would like to see if they completed it yet or not. Lots to do and a whole week to do it. Debating on hitting St. Louis this week as well.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

How did your senator vote today?

Donnelly, not so good, but he is a demorat. http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=113&session=1&vote=00095

Be sure to check and thank  senator Donnelly (or your senator) appropriately. Let him know what a true piece of excrement he really is. How well he let his constituency down.

 Coats on the other hand shall have my vote. He not only voted down this atrocity, he has answered my letters I have sent regarding immigration and gun control on multiple occasions and shared his views on the topics without wishy washy answers.

Donnelly, not one response. I hope the republicans can put someone up to run against him that can control his tongue on the abortion issue. One day, hopefully, the republicans will realize they can not singlehandedly change abortion and that the liberal media and demorats lob that loaded question to rid themselves of the competition. If not, I shall vote for whatever runs against this spineless douche. Please help annoy Donnelly for his deplorable action today.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What are the odds

What are the odds of scheduling a vacation, making hotel reservations, getting the dog boarding arranged, setting up someone to look in on the house, then getting home from work to find a jury notice in the mail. Five day notice (only two business days) to be at court bright and early Monday morning to avoid police collecting me and bringing me in to do my duty. What kind of pinheads give a five day notice. What are the odds of lining it up with my vacation. Work pays you full day wages for jury duty, if it is during work and not your vacation. WHAT ARE THE ODDS........But I get a whopping $15 a day to sit and see if my name is called or not. Unbelievable. Still going to hit the Cabela opening and machine gun shoot, just won't be able to stay over for a few days to hit other attractions like I planned. Wouldn't mind so much if I hadn't pushed vacation back twice, a week each time, to help out at work. Couldn't happen during one of those weeks. Can't happen when I get back. Can't even happen toward end of vacation when I don't have plans. At least I was able to get my money back for my hotel reservation with no hassle. Travelocity does come in handy. Very prompt and helpful with support over the phone and no penalties charged.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh Oh, looks like we are going to have to enact a assault knife ban.


Hmmm, maybe gun control won't stop all the lunatics. Just have to add knives, blunt instruments,  and pointy sticks on to the assault weapons ban. No gun involved, I am surprised this even made the news. It doesn't fit the media's mold of lunatics.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

One day off and two gun shows,,,what to do

Hit them both. It was a perfect day today. Mid 70's and sunny. We have been working ten and twelve hour days for couple weeks and Saturdays, so a little relaxation was in order. Saw a mint condition enfield at the local show, but a lot more than I was willing to pay. I always enjoy the trip into Kentucky. First time I hit the Owensboro show. Have to keep an eye out for it next time as it was fairly decent. Didn't find anything I couldn't live without. Five days left and I am on vacation. The new Cabela opens Thursday and I will be there Saturday to see R Lee Ermey and check out the wares. Plan on spending the weekend in the area. The machine gun shoot is going on at the same time so there is a lot to do. The following weekend is the Louisville gun show which is also pretty decent. Probably do a little cave exploring along the way. Hopefully get the flooring in the living room down. I am just looking forward to some time away from work for a bit.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Now that should fix the problem????


How does revoking the license of the gun store that sold the gun (quite legally) to the killers mother help anything at all? How are the universal background checks going to help when running it on the legal buyer and not the nutjob that may steal it? Ah, but the liberals sigh a small breath of relief as law abiding gun store owners lose their livelihood.

Monday, April 1, 2013