Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Received two e-mails from HR at work today.... Wahhhh..... The first is a non explanation of what Obamacare is, the second, a meeting tomorrow that will be discussing what Obamacare may do to for me. My rates haven't gone up nearly as much as some people I know in recent years. Our copays have gone up nominally, but the rates aren't too bad. I have a bad feeling Obama's "affordable care" is getting ready to make mine not so affordable anymore.
Another thing I am not wild about, that seems to be becoming common place, is the way my insurance added a "discount" a couple years back. The way the discount works is, you give blood each year and they do their workup on it. They then set goals for you to reach in order to qualify for the rate discount. If you don't meet the goal, or don't participate, you pay the higher rate.  The discount isn't so much a discount as everyone's will go up, but if you don't meet the goal, yours goes up more. Doesn't seem like a discount to me.
Seems like the older generation anymore is getting shafted at each turn. I have always maintained insurance and have stayed somewhat healthy, but, now that age related issues are starting to surface, now they are coming up with qualifiers for a lower price. I sure would have enjoyed such discounts when I was younger and less problematic, medically that is. First, they threaten social security, push the retirement age for my generation up, and threaten it's very existence when I reach that age, then, they start messing with the insurance we already have. Sometimes wish I was born a generation or two back. Seems like there isn't a whole lot to look forward to anymore. Definitely glad I am not just starting out as I believe the younger generation will have it much, much worse.

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