Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

Had a lot of trick or treaters today. A lot of cool costumes. It is hit or miss as to the turnout. I think the awesome weather helped out. I got the headlight on the Vette fixed as well. Typical engineering. Doesn't matter the manufacturer, they all suck. The headlight motor stripped, which in itself is no biggie. I did the passenger side several years ago and left the drivers side go since it still worked. I put in the aftermarket bronze gear in place of the nylon one. It should be good for a while. Engineering idiocy? That was the placement of the screws for the headlight motor gear box. Drivers side should have been the easy one. It wasn't. One of the bolts, the hardest one to get to, stuck and I stripped the head out. Short of trying to drill it out, awkward entire headlight assembly of car, there was no way to get at it. Stupid part. Chevy barely blocks the head of one of the three screws for the gear cover on headlight motor, forcing you to take half the assembly apart. Since I couldn't get the stripped bolt out of motor base, I gently pried a bracket out of the screw heads way and managed to get the cover off gear housing thus eliminating having to disassemble entire motor assembly. It took some finagling, but I managed to get the old gear out and everything buttoned back up .  The nylon gear has three bushings in it. They were reduced to shavings. Nothing solid, just shavings. During reassembly, I was startled by some trick or treaters. I usually hear them coming up. The dad was checking out the mustang. She is still far from done, but everyone liked it. A lot of compliments on it. A lot of the moms really liked it. Have to get back on that project again.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Go global warming

October 30th, and in the 80's, awesome. I got some more outdoor work done. Repaired the rotten boards on the yard barn and repainted. Put a new cover on the crawl space opening, the old one was cracked. Hit the flea market. It was absolutely huge. Got my exercise in for the day. Tomorrow, toss candy at the kiddies. Hopefully Tuesday, I will get the new faucet on the kitchen sink. I believe that is the last real repair I have on my list. I am still contemplating buying that house I saw last week. May hit up my bank midweek and talk to them about possibilities. I know I can do it, just not crazy about trying to sell a house this time of year. May also check with realtor and see if the seller would work off of a contingency. Not the best time of year for them to market house either. May line up to take another look at it.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

A little retro

Flipping through the tv channels and come across old Dr. Who episodes playing on Retro TV. Just in time to see Tom Baker materialize during regeneration. It is on weekdays for an hour each day. I remember watching it with my brother when we were kids. He was one of the more entertaining of the old doctors.

It is time again for the Indy 1500 gun show in Indy. Not sure I want to go or not. This close to the election, the line to get in is liable to wrap around the building a couple times. It is also time for the fleamarket down town, so lots to do. So far, I am suppose to be off for the weekend, if I can get out the door tomorrow without getting signed up. Only a couple more weeks until vacation. Not going anywhere. Just looking forward to some down time. Vacation will end with a military/gun show down town.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

One day off does not a weekend make.

Went to the open house of the house I like that popped up for sale. They dropped the price quite a bit. Owner got the two lots merged into one on the deed now, so putting a garage where I would want to put it would be easy. No restrictions and a bit over an acre of land. House is older. All hardwood floors. Not crazy about the stairs. It has a basement as well as an upstairs area. Kind of an odd setup, but very doable. Really don't want to move until Summer though. Going to think about it. Only thing I don't like is it has a septic system. They put city water in, but didn't tie into the sewer. Have to check and see what it would cost to connect. After looking at building, and them having corrected lot paperwork, I would be able to knock the garage wall out and move it over to make it a two and a half or three car garage. The concrete is already there, the wall was constructed even with the house. Doesn't look like it would be too hard. Would still put another garage up next year if I get it, but I would definitely expand existing first. Really don't want to move right now though. Don't need to sit on an empty house during winter. It probably wouldn't sell right away.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Burned out

Machine gun show weekend. Last steam show for the year weekend. Me. I had to work. I am totally burned out. I go in at 5 or 6 am, their choice on start time, not mine. Work anywhere from eight to ten hours a day, sometimes more. Six days a week. I need to get away. They got rid of the FMLA abuser, but, they have not replaced him, so I now have no third shift guy. Trying to make it one more month. I get most of a week of vacation ending with a military show, so that will be cool. Then, only four weeks of work left and I will be off for Christmas. My grandsons first Christmas, so that will be awesome. He is growing quickly. Facebook helps me keep in touch and watch him grow. Still not the same as being there though. I miss family, but not the area. I absolutely love being down in southern Indiana. No comparison. Much less polluted. People are friendlier. Lots more to do. Back to work tomorrow, bah humbug.