Saturday, June 27, 2015


I work not too far from the local airport. While working mid week, it sounds like a plane is about to plummet into the building. It is loud. Way beyond the sound of a thunderstorm. It passes. Shortly later, I hear it again. The small light bulb in my mind finally flickers to life. The Blue Angels are in town for the air show. I forgot all about it. Totally cool. Went out in the parking lot and they are flying VERY low in formation. We are at their turning point for looping back to the Ohio river. It is so cool to watch them fly and dive, even from a distance. Been quite a few years since they have been down here. Gave us something cool to watch during breaks.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Nice Surprise

Been working ten hour days, six day work weeks for the last few weeks. I was scheduled for tomorrow, and, after the managers had a meeting, the Saturday list was greatly reduced. I actually get a two day weekend. A rainy two day weekend, but, a two day weekend. And, supposedly, we are down to eight hour days next week. Head of the shop must have realized the price of the overtime. Need a bit of down time. Feeling a bit run down. Less than two weeks until vacation. Can't wait.

Last weekend, I hit the first local steam show of the year. Not the biggest, but well worth the four bucks to get in. This weekend, try to get caught up on some chores. If the rain doesn't stop, I am going to have to rent some goats to knock the grass down a bit. Can't believe the amount of rain we are getting.