Saturday, November 16, 2013

Inglourious Basterds

After watching the movie again, and, having watched the scurrying demorats, I have an idea. In the movie, some of the Nazis are given a choice. Die by baseball bat, or, get a swastika carved into their foreheads for all to see. So they can never deny which side they served. Now, I won't be quite so barbaric. I propose all demorats who voted for obamacare, which was every last lowlife one of them, while chanting yes we can, be forcibly restrained and have I VOTED FOR OBAMACARE tattooed in the middle of their forehead. That way, even the simpletons who don't bother to listen to the debates, yet head out to vote, can see who voted for the POS and the demorats can't pretend they had nothing to do with it. The democrats are already starting to line up with the republicans to strip parts of obamacare, and they should not be allowed any credit for patching what they passed. It would be grand to be able to make sure everyone remembers all involved with the debacle. Some, like Pelosi, come from such socialist areas, there is no cure. But others come from areas which still retain some gray matter and may decide to reward the democrats with a swift career change. I hope for change of a different sort in 2014. May we take back the senate, pleaseeee.

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