Sunday, November 3, 2013

Decent Saturday

Weather was soggy, but still had a fun day. Put on my monkey suit reserved solely for weddings and funerals. I live in blue jeans. I head out to my buddies wedding. Typical lack of planning, I didn't google it ahead of time and I manage to arrive at the very last minute. I no sooner sit than the ceremony starts. Wedding went well and headed over to the reception. My buddy is a real cutup. The guests walking into the reception are greeted by a mooning scarecrow. I meant to get a picture on the way out, but forgot. They had a wall of pictures with the usual questions to and answers from the bride and groom. They were hilarious. They do make a great couple. Terrific sense of humors and they compliment each other well.

Sat with a group from work and got to meet their spouses. Also met some of the people that have left where I work to go to a company downtown. It was great catching up with them again. The one kid who left flew a model plane through the shop with a farewell banner attached to the tail. I wish I had had a smart phone so I could have gotten a video of it. He waited until minutes before end of shift in case someone in charge had an issue with it. Fortunately, the bosses don't arrive as early as we do, so it was a good laugh.

Didn't hit the gun shows yesterday, so, I will be off shortly to check out the shows. There is a spot shoot at the local catholic church that a lot of the people at work attend. May head that way to check out the fun. Weather is still cold, wet and gloomy, but just make the best of it.

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