Sunday, June 30, 2013

Image borrowed off of a facebook page. Still can't believe Americans voted the POS in twice.

I hit the gun show this morning. It was actually pretty good this time around. They got a lot of new vendors in since the last show. Lots of new and interesting items. I picked up a bipod for the AR and barely resisted the urge to pick up a goldenboy while I was there. Actually had a very reasonable price on it. Only three days left until vacation. I did manage to rearrange the garage a little during the very short weekend. I put the other work bench together before the rain hit. Didn't get much else done out there. Don't like parking the Vette out in the rain as it water spots easily. Weird weather. I don't recall such a rainy June before. Lawn loves it, but it makes it hard to get some work done. Was hoping on getting the peg board up, but that will be a job for vacation.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Almost there

Working tomorrow and three days next week, then, vacation. YES. Getting the last of the chores done now (laundry, yippee) so I can go to the gun show on Sunday. Looking forward to a little down time. Been working way too many hours. We were suppose to work Sunday too, but they scratched that at the last minute.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

It is only racist if it is a white person saying it

I find it mind boggling that people and the press have such a problem with the " N word" as it is childishly referred to, but cracker and other slang is OK... The witness in the video, as clueless as she is, seems typical of peoples outlook on racism. Why is crazy ass cracker not racist? Words don't bother me, but I fail to understand the double standard.

Well, once again, Coats stuck up for us.....Too bad Donnelly did not....again

With the Demtards holding the senate, it is no surprise the immigration catastrophe passed. It is, however, depressing to know one of your senators didn't have the stones to vote no. Once again, Senator Coats stuck up for the people while Donnelly, once again, voted with his party. Please let the republicans come up with someone who can take Donnelly's spot. The only reason he is in there is because Mourdock had to toss himself on the abortion grenade. I have high hopes the house will kill the bill on arrival. Hopefully the senate can turn red in 2014. I will be dropping a thank you to Senator Coats, and e-mailing  Senator Donnelly to let him know how he let his constituency down as par usual.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Very nice show

Hit the military \ gun show in Louisville this morning. It was awesome as always. It was hard, but I managed to exit the show empty handed. It does look like everyone bought all the guns they are going to buy for the year during the mass buying frenzy at the beginning of the year. The place was not crowded at all. The last Indy 1500 was extremely light as well. Vendors said the whole show was extremely slow. Obama or Biden are falling behind on their gun sales boosting. Maybe when they get done "fixing" immigration, they can get gun sales back up again. Ammo prices were still a little high, so I didn't buy any this trip. AR mags have dropped down to normal again.
Only one more full week, and then a few odd days, until vacation. I am so looking forward to getting away from work for a while.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Every once in a while, the boss with obsessive compulsive disorder who wastes money painting and redoing the furnishings gets rid of nice stuff. Every once in a great while, I happen to be at the receiving end of the old stuff hitting the door. I managed to get an eight foot slab of maple butcher block attached to some very sturdy legs. It is one of the benches we were using. Capable of holding a ton (quite literally as the parts we grind are not exactly small and light). Only a neat freak would get rid of old, thick hardwood benches and replace them with steel benches. It's a mold shop. The main purpose of wood is to protect the parts from damage. Boss didn't like the looks of them, so, one now is ready to go up in my garage. YEAH. Now if they will just get rid of one of those icky looking Bridgeport's and maybe the small lathe, I may be able to help them out and get rid of them:) One more work day and then hopefully be on the way to Louisville for the gun show. Need to organize the garage, but I think it can wait another week. Want to get the pegboard and new workbench up, but a gun show is hard to miss.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Almost time for the big Louisville military gun show.

This weekend is the big military show at the Louisville convention center. It is roughly the size of the Indy 1500. Not sure which one is bigger, but the Louisville one has some way cool stuff. I have to work Saturday, so I will have to hit the Sunday show. I picked up a nice Krag there last year. They have some very interesting tables. There are all kinds of weapons, uniforms and other interesting items from the revolutionary war on up. Going to try and just look this time around. I bought a safe at the Indy show, so that is enough spending for a while. Have to see if they allow cameras or not. If they do, I can post some pictures Sunday. Only one more full week before vacation. Still haven't figured out all I want to get done yet.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A little relaxation for the day

Had to work yesterday, so I didn't get to go to the Friendship Indiana shoot as it is a few hours each way and a lot to do when you get there. I do believe I am going to schedule a weeks vacation around the fall shoot so I can check it out for a few days. Just did some relaxing today. Got up and made the dog and I some breakfast, then off to menards, lowes and home depot for some garage ideas. Picked up pegboard for the garage, to be installed during the week (seeing as how it started to rain when I got home and I have to park the Vette outside to work on the walls). Two more week, and a few days, until vacation. Can't decide for sure which direction to head. Wouldn't mind hitting Indy and checking out the zoo and maybe a museum. Then there is always Louisville. Looking at an old Harley sportster down here. Thinking it may make a nice little old school chopper. It is stock and runnable now and the guy has an aftermarket raked frame to go with it. Just need a springer for the front. Be a cheap little ride to see if my back can tolerate a motorcycle again or not. If not, I can have a little fun and sell it to recoup the money. Hope all the dads had a great Fathers day.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

When police are only minutes away.....

This is an awesome story. It made my day. When cops are minutes away, she was actually able to protect herself while they were in route. Stories like these usually don't hit the news. Doesn't fit their view of things. She put me in mind of my grandmother when I was younger. Some punk grabbed her purse and she chased him down with her cane. The ministers son from the church we went to was nearby and detained him for the police. Don't mess with granny.

Monday, June 10, 2013


Never too young to start brainwashing. Why do they have to make the kids part of their idiocy? Let the kids be kids and do normal kid things. Airforce one will be flying in anytime now to put their rubber stamp of approval on it and try to take it nationwide. Sheesh. I like it better down here. They buy the kids crickets and teach them proper gun safety and handling.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The iron show

I hit the iron show early this morning, but, weather wasn't exactly cooperative. I no sooner got there and the sky clouded up. Not bad, but enough to scare most of the vendors into packing up their goods and calling it a day. I did get to check out the old steam powered farm gear and tractors. It was fun, but I wish the weather would have been as nice as yesterday.

Next weekend I am hoping on hitting the muzzleloader show in Friendship Indiana. Most of the guys from work hit it this weekend and a lot of them will be spending most of the week there camping. Primitive campsites are only five bucks a night. I can almost remember rates that low from the early 70's. It is nice to see someplace that has family friendly events at non heart stopping rates. The iron show was OK, but I really wish I could have hit it yesterday while the weather was ideal and the vendors were in full swing. There are some vendors with tools for sale and you can sometimes get some great deals on some old name brand machinist tools. Most of the new stuff out there today is the Chinese knockoffs and most of the name brands have been long gone.

Friday, June 7, 2013

One day

Well, it turns out to be yet another one day weekend. I was hoping on a two day so I could go to the Friendship Indiana black powder shoot. A lot of the guys from work are on vacation next week and that is the destination. I have never been. It is a huge black powder gun show with all types of shooting contests. They have a huge flea market as well in case you are in need of more fleas. If I don't work next weekend, I am going to be there. It runs all week long including both full weekends.

On the bright side, this weekend is a big car show downtown by the Ohio River, and the local 4H has their annual antique steam and iron show. There is a lot to see there. It will be a short weekend, but a busy and entertaining one. At least tomorrow is only and eight hour day. It will seem like half a day. Grass is cut and most chores are done, so, off part of weekend is going to be all fun.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

One more thing out of the way

Took the battery out of the Vette and gave her a fresh one. She is purring again. Threw the new plates on as well so she is good to go. Take her out for a romp tomorrow. I don't understand why batteries don't last as long as they use to. I am on my third in my Ford. Only get about three years, and they are shot. The first two were Ford batteries (the original and one factory replacement). I replaced it again in the fall as it was getting weak. Have an Interstate in it now. See how that fares. The Vette eats one about every third year. Battery just won't keep a charge. They were all diehards. Seems like the batteries use to last several years easy. Silly design on the Vette makes you remove a sidepanel and mudguard to get at the battery. Should be good for a couple years now anyway. Find out tomorrow if it's a two day weekend or one. One way is more money, the other, a little relaxation. Kinda hopin on the relaxation. Like to finish trimming the fireplace and do a little reorganizing of the garage now that the car is mobile again.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's here.....

I managed to get through another workday (somehow this week seems to have had two Mondays in it) and got home in time for the delivery crew. The Vette decided to eat another Diehard battery, so, the safe had to go through the front door instead of the garage. Still wasn't too painful. The safe looks great in the living room.

I put the stray guns that wouldn't fit in the Browning in the new safe for now. Have to sort through them later. Want to bring all my pistols and my most commonly used long guns inside. It looks to be about the perfect size and I love the way the cutouts separate the rifles. It makes better use of the room than most of the U shaped cutouts that are so common in safes. The shelves are 3/4 inch cloth covered plywood instead of press board. The door has heavy duty peg board. Very sturdy design. I will be adding a little LED lighting. It has a built in heater already.

Tomorrow, I will be sorting things out a bit. I love this safe. Going to have to get another battery for the Vette. Diehards USE to be a decent battery. This one is only two years old and dead. It was on the charger for a few days and it won't even try to start the car. Checked the voltage and it seems one of the cells went south. I won't bother with the warranty. I got this one at a discount as the previous Diehard did just that, it died hard and was still under partial warranty. Not sure what brand to put in, but it won't be Sears.

Monday, June 3, 2013


My new safe will be here tomorrow when I get home from work. They are going to bring it in the house and install it in my living room. Thought I would have to take off early to get it, but he is going to be in town for most of the day so he will drop off at my house on his way home. It is going to be converted to all long guns, no shelves except for the two on top. It is quite reasonably priced and it is difficult to find a store willing to bring it in a house and put it where you want it. Be nice having one in the house. I will put the guns I use the most in there. I saw a nice pistol rack at the show. It looks easy enough to fabricate, so I will be making a decent size one for the top shelf so I can put all my handguns inside the house. I am so looking forward to tomorrow. It has a dehumidifier in it already and I am going to install LED lighting.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Indy day

I hit Indy for the 1500. It was probably the least crowded Indy show I have ever been to. You could actually walk down the rows and see both sides clearly. I saw some nice gun safes there. I may be giving one a new home. The dealer is already delivering two in my area Tuesday and said delivery including installing in house would only be $200 since he will already be in my area. Trying to decide between it and a Browning. Didn't buy any guns this time around, but I did buy a couple really nice leather belts. One dress and one heavy duty. Cost a bit more than the store but these are real leather and should last quite a bit longer.
Saw a guy selling kits for making your own AR lowers out of billet. Says you can legally make your own lower as long as it is for your own use and not for resale. Have my little CNC hobby mill. May have to play with that idea. He was selling a blank that needed machining to complete. May have to get some 7075 or6061 billet and see about a little reverse engineering. Can't legally sell them, but it may be fun to make one for the heck of it. could make the trigger guard integrated into the piece. These are similar to what he had for sale.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Russia playing catch up,0,3044443.story

Maybe we can ship him Bloomberg, Pelosi, Biden and Obama to help them catch up on their silly nanny laws. Next, Putin will be after their big gulps.