Tuesday, July 13, 2021


 I finally have a honest to god builder for the garage. The neighbors brother and associates, licensed contractors, are finishing his roof. They came over and looked over my property and I told them what I wanted and the few different sites and styles, and which ones were my top choice. Great part is, the one quoting the job says my original first choice spot should work out fine. I should be able to go with my original choice of a 24 foot deep by 40 wide with two two car garage doors. He says I should be able to make it taller as well since it is in the back yard. Their main area for building is Evansville, so they know the codes and the proper channels to go through. That means, I can go with a full size four post lift like I wanted to do in the first place. Even better, he guesstimated that it should come in around what the other builders who quoted job came in at. Best part is, he figured it would take about five or six days to complete, and, he will have it done by the fall, at the latest. He can help with the electrical as well. Says I can run a 100 amp panel out to the garage. I can't wait to actually be working on my 1967 Mustang again. This time, I will actually have the room to work, not to mention the lift. I am thrilled. I can put a curb in the front after the new garage goes in the backyard, and take out the gravel parking I have now, and actually plant grass and finish the landscape. I can't believe after four years, I will finally have my garage, the main reason I moved in the first place.