Monday, December 28, 2015

Need to start building the ark

It has been raining nonstop alternating between torrential down pours, to just a steady rain for a few days now. Glad it isn't snow, but this is beyond ridiculous. Called the roofer yesterday. I am far from amused. I have a wet spot on the living room ceiling. I went in the attic and it is leaking at a nail, which tells me it wasn't installed properly as overlap should prevent such leaks. I also saw a couple spots where they put the ridge vent in and cut too much board. I see tar paper. They better have someone here tomorrow. If I have to go down there, it won't be pretty. I put a board on the rafters and a small bucket underneath. It is a really small leak, but big enough to stain the ceiling.
I went and saw Star Wars. Thank God there is no Ja Ja Binks type of character in it. Movie was pretty decent. Saw it on the 3D screen. Matinee price was only about $6 with free bag of popcorn and $1 refills. Can't beat it. I debated if I should stand in the rain for a while so I could feel like those that waited in a long line to see it, packed like sardines in their seats. I shared the theater with three other people. Not counting the baby some thoughtful person thought to bring. Thankfully, they left when baby started crying. Got my dentist appointment out of the way. Once I get my permanent crowns put in, I should be done for a while.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. Spike and I are relaxing. I just got back from up north, he just got back from the kennel. Good to see everyone, but it is also great to be back home again. My brother did a great job on his house and yard. Has more ambition than I do. Saw my son's new house. It is really nice. Had a great dinner there. Homemade dinners are so much better when you don't have to cook them. Had dinner at my cousins and saw all the relatives for the holidays. Homemade lasagna, doesn't get much better than that. Saw Og very briefly. He got stuck working for the week. We usually go hitting up the gun stores together while I am there. My brother and I kept up the tradition, just wasn't the same without him along. Still nice down here. May hit the range tomorrow for a bit. Want to try out the broomy. May head down to Whitaker gun store and check out their shelves. Would like to pick up some more ammo for a few of the guns. Merry Christmas all.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Thirty minute turn around, not bad

It took only thirty minutes from walking in to the dentist and driving back home. Two wisdom teeth left behind. Came out really easily. I can now relax and enjoy the holidays. It was easier and less painful than getting the crowns. I am so happy I changed dentists. They do it all.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Got a little ammo for the broomy

Found one box of fifty round for a civil price. The reloader I usually buy from was way out of the ballpark on price. He had high fifty round price on twenty round boxes of ammo. I know it is not a popular round, but I can acquire 50 round boxes at AIM for about $17. I am not paying over a buck a round for reloads. I will have to send them an ID and an ammo order. At least I got a little ammo for trying it out. Want to take advantage of the nice weather while it lasts. Precision ammo from Hobart Indiana showed up there as well. They had some odd calibers of ammo for sale as well. Said he was selling enough, he plans on setting up at all the shows down here.

Now, I am off to watch the geriatric group talk about what they are going to do to further damage the economy if they maintain control of the white house. Need to get those nasty guns out of the hands of all the subjects. Need to fix the global warming fantasy. Should be entertaining in a sick way. Also, how to allow all the illegals to flow freely. Have to have an increase in future demorats.

Friday, December 18, 2015

I made it

Vacation. Two glorious weeks free from the humdrum of work. Tomorrow, relaxation, and that is about it. I am wore out. Don't plan on doing anything at all. Probably go to the gun show at some point over the weekend. I do need ammo for my broomhandle. Monday, off to the dentist to get a couple wisdom teeth removed, just for fun and excitement. Still beats being at work:)

Head up north next week for a couple days. My son just bought his first house. Looking forward to checking it out. Visit with my brother and hopefully meet up with Og and the Og clan. Suppose to be snowless which suits me just fine. Go global warming.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

It was a decent gun auction. Not as many quality guns as is usually there. I did get my broomhandle though. Has a reproduction stock and leather, but that is alright, got it for a decent price. Need to get some ammo now. Have to check when the next gun show is. Guy at the auction told me that the reloader I buy from at the armory show stocks the ammo for it. The NICS check took forever. I would have waited for a couple guns towards the end, but they had already announced that the checks were taking about a half hour to call in. They can only call in five people, then they have to hang up and call again. Gives every caller a chance to be annoyed by a long wait time. Last time I waited until the auction ended, everyone emptied out into the call line, and it took a couple hours to check out. Nothing outstanding to wait for anyway. They had a few carry pistols I was interested in, but they went higher than I was willing to go. I lucked out and only had to wait about an hour total to get checked out. Room quickly filled up as I was leaving. Just in time.

In the seventies today. Go global warming. Obummer signed the climate change nonsense agreement. Eleven more months of his nonsense to go and counting down. Got the extra roofing shingles and extras stored away in the shed. Hopefully I won't need them. Drop the dog at the vets tomorrow for his checkup. If the weather is this nice, I may take the Vette out for a spin. One more work week to go. I guess my FMLA abuser is coming back after a couple month hiatus, just in time for the holidays. Should help out a bit as right now, I am the only one that can program the machines in my group. He should be able to get them through while I am out, if he remembers how to program them. I am so ready for vacation.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Two day weekend, and, the big gun auction is tomorrow.

Better still, it was bonus day today. They have a broomhandle at the auction with an new manufacture stock/holster and harness. It has been reblued,  so collector value is out the window. It still looks good and is in great shape. So far, the online bidding is low. Hopefully I can pick it up pretty cheap. The silent auction is lousy. Bunch of magazines for the most part. No full auto at this one. Do have some interesting pistols scattered through the event. The broomy is in the middle of the auction. Take my kindle along. I can follow the online bidding on guns I want, and do a bit of reading during the long bouts of plastic guns.
Sunday is spikes vet appointment. Other than that, I plan on enjoying the warm weather. Feels like spring out there. May hit the range for a bit with any new toys I may acquire. Hopefully luck out and have a pleasant journey up north for the holidays. Be nice not to have to contend with any snow. Go global warming.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The roof looks awesome

It is complete and looks great. Already had a neighbor ask me about it. I get a hundred dollar referral for anyone who I send their way. I told the guy about it and told him I would split the referral if he mentions my name. I just can't keep a fee like that. They did a nice job. Shed looks great too. It will get a new coat of paint in the spring along with the shutters on the house. Did spend time picking the nails up out of the driveway.
So far, I am off this Saturday. May have worked my last weekend for the year last weekend. This weekend is the big gun auction. They have a broomhandle. Hopefully it doesn't go too high. It is bonus week as well, so Friday, I get another check, yeah.
My son closes on his house tomorrow. His first home. He is doing well. Found out I will be a grandpa next summer which is awesome. I am ready for the end of the work year... Only a week and a couple days to go.

Monday, December 7, 2015

I like my new dentist

I was told by the last dentist, I had to have all my wisdom teeth removed, my gums are bad and I need a deep cleaning that is in the neighborhood of about $1200 out of pocket. I put money in a FSA for this last year. It is running out as it won't roll over, and I have been working so many hours, I couldn't get into the daytime dentist, so, after looking around I found this dentist group. They are open until 7pm. They do almost everything. The dentist said my lower wisdom teeth are healthy, and located where they will not have issues once top wisdom teeth are out. They can remove them instead of me having to go to an oral surgeon. They will do it with a local so I can drive home. She also informed me my gums and jaw bones are not as bad as previous dentist made them out to be. She did recommend a multiple cleaning, but, it will be about $100 out of pocket total instead of the $1200 the other dentist wanted. She said the other dentist routinely recommends that routine to patients as they see it all the time. The money I put aside for the deep cleaning instead is going to take care of the extractions and a few crowns I have been trying to get done. I should be caught back up on everything in January. I need three crowns altogether. I can get two this year and max out my insurance just in time. I will do the third the first week of January along with the final part of the cleaning. I am quite happy with the new dentist so far. Be nice being able to get in to the dentist without having to use vacation time to do it.
Went in at 5AM to get the machines set up for the trainee. Nothing went right. The lathe didn't finish some of the dimensions they were suppose to, so, when I went to grind the tapers to fit the cores, the lathe turned taper hit and locked. Had to sent them back to the lathe group to get them returned.
Got one part back early enough to finish grinder set up and do a first part grind. Mold is due out the door Wednesday, and we still have a ton of work to do on it. I am hopeful I can get Saturday off. Big gun auction going on at the auction house. Only one full work week left in the year, and one of those days is going to be a half day so I can go to the dentist. Sometimes it seems even sitting in a dentist chair having a tooth ground to a nub beats being at work.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

One day weekend is over, back to the salt mines.

President surprised me tonight. I figured he would make a huge portion of his address to disarm the American public. Only a small part of his speech was about the bad assault rifle, you know the AR, what normal people know as the Armalite Rifle, not assault rifle as the gun grabbers call it. Odd bit is, gun control didn't work in California where the shooting took place. Doesn't slow down his rhetoric though. California leads in taking away peoples freedoms with every single "common sense" gun law Obama wants. Apparently, liberals can't figure out the terrorist love soft targets. If they hit up Indiana or Kentucky like that, someone in that group would have fired back. Most people I hang  around with carry, on and off the range. No, they pick California, where they can shoot until the police show up. Or France, where it is all gun free. How about England (remember the knife wielding radicals) where even the police are unarmed. Come on November. I don't care if it is Trump, I just don't want Hillary or Sanders, please......Be nice if all the people that bitch about Obama got off their butts and hit the polls. We could humiliate the democrats, but it won't happen. Many at work don't vote, but whine constantly about what we have in office.

Friday, December 4, 2015

New roof Monday

They are coming out Monday to reroof the house and shed. Added a ridge vent for a couple extra hundred. Should vent better as well as look cleaner by ridding myself of all the turtle vents. Have to hit the dentist up on Monday for some work. Been trying to get in forever, but no time off. Found a dentist with evening hours. I have a day time appointment to get acquainted, then get the evening ones lined out to catch up on some work.  Tried getting a personal day, but they are extremely busy and understaffed. I am the only one left who can program three of the CNC grinders, of which, we only have a total of five CNC grinders, so, I told them I will come in early and work a half day. Should be able to get them set up for the second shift guy to just run. Can't wait for vacation. Two more weeks. They are trying to push as much work through as they can while I am there. Be nice if they would follow through on their promise to hire some more help. We are booked solid for over a year out from what I understand. The plants don't like sending the molds out to any other shops to get rebuilt. They like our work, but there just aren't enough of us left to get it all done. Wish they would get smart and raise the pay and benefits. We lose help every time a major shop comes into town. Bad news is, the major factory that took a lot of our people last year is doing a major expansion. If I didn't have four weeks (soon to be five weeks in a few more years) vacation a year, I would think about going myself. I love what I do, and the machines that I run. Guess I just got comfortable here. If I can handle four more years, not only will I be up to five weeks vacation a year, I will hit the magical rule of eighty they have. When your age and years of service hit eighty, you get an additional one time allotment of four weeks vacation time to use anytime between when you earn it and you retire. Kind of hard to leave when you have twenty years under your belt.