Sunday, June 12, 2016

Awesome weekend

Headed up north to see my first grandchild. He was born Tuesday, and is awesome. His new mom and dad are doing a great job, sharing in all the responsibilities. It was a fantastic visit. It has been many years since the last baby in the family. About eighteen years, since my last niece was born. It does make me feel a bit old, but it is awesome.

I got to visit with my brother which is always a good time. He has been busy remodeling a bathroom and clearing a fence line in the yard. Way more ambition than I have. We caught up with Og and his wife. Checked out his new garage floor. His heated garage floor. That would be a nice addition come wintertime.  He also got all the trees and brush out of the back yard a nd it looks great. It was a nice visit and a great weekend. Tomorrow will be picking up the dog and relaxing a bit.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I am officially a grampa

Little Logan took forever deciding to arrive. I lost my bet. A week overdue, I was betting it had to be a girl. Mother and baby doing great. Can't wait to see him in person.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Well, that's awesome

It is raining out, overcast and just perfect tv weather. I was poking around amazon prime today and found, Dr. Who seasons are back again. They haven't put the classic series up yet, but the new series 1-8 are back up again. Not sure when they returned. Figure they would have made a big deal about it to let people know.

Big gun show in Indy this weekend, but not sure I feel like the drive or not.  Usually find stuff that needs a home. Feels good just chilling out and binge watching for a while. Rain keeps starting and stopping making the yard work I wanted to do a bit challenging. Have stuff to do in the garage, but need to pull the Vette out of the garage to do them, and don't like parking it in the rain if I can avoid it. It spots up and I then have to wash and buff it. Major pain. Hoping on a bit of sun tomorrow. So tired of rain.