Thursday, September 19, 2013

Boring day today

Actually did some chores today. Refinanced the house a couple months back, so, today I trudged downtown, found the assessors office, and filed my exemptions again. Forgot about the silly metal detector or I would have left all change, my knife, and many other things at home or in the car to expedite the matter. That is what gripes me about the mass shootings. How do the whack jobs manage to get a gun past security, and I, simply trying to do paperwork, get to empty pockets, take off belt, and still get frisked because of the beep. Must be all the metal slivers I picked up through the years. Hell, I had absolutely nothing on me. How do the idiots get weapons past security?

Well, after that fiasco, I headed over to the barbershop and actually got in. Most of the time, the benches are loaded with older gentlemen waiting in line. Most of them I believe are there more for company than anything else as they really have nothing to cut. Today, only one person, so I was able to get in. One of the old fashion barber shops. Not too many of them around anymore. Since most of their clients are older, their hours of operation pose a problem. I can usually only get in while on vacation, or in the rare occurrence I get a Saturday off. After that, I did my groceries and just vegged out most of the day. Thinking of doing St. Louis tomorrow. I have been trying to get out there for a while now. Would like to see Grant's Farm. We went there when we were little kids, but I was too young to really remember it much. May check out their Cabela's while I am out there. It is smaller than the Hammond one, but bigger than the little shack they built in Louisville.

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