Monday, December 24, 2012

Back home again

That was one of the best trips back home yet. No snow or ice. Windy and cold, but I can deal with that. My aunts lasagna was excellent as always. Throw in homemade cookies and bundt cakes and it is rather hard to stay awake for the ride home. Had breakfast with the Og clan yesterday morning. The oglet is getting big. Haven't seen her in a few years. She is into fencing now and doing extremely well at it. Hit the Og homestead and visited for a while. It was great catching up and actually not being in a rush to try and get everywhere in a short amount of time. Next year I may add a day or two. Og and my brother are thinking of coming down for the machine gun shoot this year. I am going to go up in the Huey this coming spring. It looks like a blast. Need to get a cheap video camera so I can get some shots of the pit from overhead.

Picked Spike up from doggy day care. He had a blast. Going to have to use them from now on. He did require a bath IMMEDIATELY after getting home. He was a little ripe. Must have found something special to roll in. But he was in high spirits. He has been napping pretty heavy since I got him home. During the summer, they have kiddie pools the dogs can play in. It's really a great setup. Lots of play yards sectioned off for different size dogs.

 I made a big vat of chili and pan of cornbread to munch on for the holiday. Probably take the rifle out to the range tomorrow and try it out. Definitely sleeping in a bit tomorrow. Always have a hard time sleeping away from home. Feeling pretty wiped out and ready for bed.

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