Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chore day

Spent the day cleaning, paying bills and other non fun related activities. Then, I sat down and ordered my first upper along with some sights and other small accessories. Still not sure how to scope it out yet. Reviews show that they tend to ship very quickly, so, I am hoping to have it by midweek to the weekend. Do need to get a magazine for it as they did not have the magpul mags that everyone recommends. I was going to go back to the gun show to pick up a couple, but time got away and the show was over. All in all, I will have under $600 in it when done. That is with the lower receiver I bought at the last Indy show. The show here in town had the same lower receiver for the same low price as I paid in Indy. Next one will be an AR10 which takes a different lower all together. One full week, then a holiday week, then VACATIONNNNNN.

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