Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am done for the year.....

I am officially off work until next year. I was going to work half a day tomorrow, but, I decided not to. If the storm isn't as bad as all the hype, I will head north tomorrow morning. Packed my bag for the trip. Just need to drop the dog at the doggie day care and head up. Hopefully be drooling over the gun library at Cabela's at this time tomorrow. I want to check out their smokers while I am at it. Guy at work recommended the electric model as you can cold smoke with it allowing you to do cheese as well as meat. I was hoping the weather could hold a couple more days. I have the cooler by the door. I intend on stocking up on perogi's from the meat market while I am up there. I cleared a spot in the freezer for them. The ones in the freezer section don't come close to the homemade ones.

I get back, I may look into doing some horse trading. The masses are going through a feeding frenzy on black guns. I may have to see how much the masses are paying. May look into selling the AR that I won and buying something else. Right now, they are in high demand and they are paying a high price. I like my varmint AR and not much for the tactical design. Not really after getting rid of it, unless some desperate individual is willing to fork out a big wad of cash. Most of the local stores sold out the day of the shootings and are getting overwhelmed with orders. My next gun is probably going to be a scoped out deer rifle. Just have to figure out what the best one is for the Hoosier side of the line. I have rifles I can use on the Kentucky side of the border.

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