Tuesday, December 11, 2012

About freakin time


Looks like Illinois may actually join the rest of American society. Even if it did take the feds dragging their ignorant butts kicking and screaming through the judicial system to do it. Chicago will probably still play their games, but, this may free the rest of the state. The normal part of the state. I live in southern Indiana now and it would be nice to be able to carry in Illinois, and even nicer, go to their gun shows and purchase without the FFL nonsense. At least being able to buy a gun and carry it through the state without worry of being pulled over. They have a nice auction house in southern Illinois I wouldn't mind checking out if I can pay and carry my gun home. Maybe they can get rid of the FOID cards and all the other nonsense over time. Congratulations Illinois citizens. It looks like you may now enjoy the second amendment for the first time in many many years. You can actually defend yourselves against thugs.

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