Friday, December 21, 2012

Armed guards in the school???

What is wrong with these idiots. One lunatic takes his mother's guns and goes postal in a school. The closest they can come is armed guards in the school and taking all guns away from law abiding citizens. Is there any common sense left in the country at all. One very simple precaution that would be free. Officer friendly. I have been out of school a few decades now, but, when I was in school, there was officer friendly. He occupied a small room just like the school nurse. He was a police officer. He had a gun. He typically gave the anti drug discussions among other things. You figure every town in the US has a police department. Every police department has police personnel that answer phones and do paperwork and such. What would the harm and cost be to assign one room in the school a police officer or two who could do the same paper/phone work that needs doing thus being on site should any problems surface. It doesn't necessarily have to be a gun wielding maniac. It could be students getting violent, parental confrontations. It isn't always life threatening situations. Taxpayers wouldn't be out a dime more than they are paying now and it would address the security issues in the schools. Instead, lets ban all AR's and bitch slap the NRA and all of us who make up the NRA. If politicians could put away their personal agenda and address the real problems, something can be accomplished.

The movie theater is another nobrainer. Years ago ( not that long ago) theaters were designed where you walked into the theater and sat down. The fire doors were under the screen in the front. The entry door was in the rear. The seats were in between. Modern theaters are designed where you enter from the back, walk to the front, loop around to the middle and climb up to the seats. If a fire, or another idiot with a weapon enters, you are now held captive as the only way out is down to the fire doors, or down over and back toward the entry doors. It reminds me of a real life game of space invaders. These theaters were designed by idiots. If you go back to the theater of the attack, the fire exit used by the deranged maniac is probably still not alarmed if you open it as he did to get his gear. Instead, blame the guns. Most of the instances were easily preventable, but are still problems as the anti gunners use these instances as fuel for the fire. If they want to honor the innocent, they could bench the gun rhetoric, and actually look for a plausible solution. If you are truly anti gun, go live in Mexico or Chicago. They are gun free zones.

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