Thursday, October 4, 2012

Range day

Hit the club for a while this morning. I got the AR sighted back in after installing the rail extension. Cowboy town is under some renovation, so I didn't get to do any shooting over there. Probably head back in the morning and shoot some bad guys. Lunch time, I will hit the festival for some food, and then off to the gun show at the 4H center. It has been a fast week off, but relaxing.

Watched the debates last night for laughs. Obummer doesn't seem to do so well when the teleprompter isn't rolling (or his lips are moving). Next week should prove hilarious. Ryan and Biden. Biden's only function is being a great life insurance policy for the President. Everyone knows if anything happens to the Pres, the other real idiot takes over. Hopefully we can hear his back in chains speech again. That went so well the first time around. Should be quite entertaining.

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