Saturday, December 22, 2012

First full day up north

I started the day picking up my son and hitting Blythes gun store out Valpo way. Blythes is officially an AR free zone. Not because they followed Dick Sporting goods lame move of pulling them off the shelf, but rather they were all bought out. I was looking for a decent deer rifle for Indiana anyway, so it didn't matter. They didn't have what I was looking for and I received a call from Og. Og and my brother were heading out for brunch and over to some more gun stores. After some good food and good conversation, we hit Blythes in Griffith where Og helped me find a decent rifle and helped me out in choosing a decent scope. My son bought his first 1911 there as well today. Complete with zombie logo laser grip. It was hard walking out without a broomhandle as they had several that were very decently priced hanging on the wall, but I got my deer rifle so we will call that good for now. The bonus at work was the best I ever received. The rest of the bonus is hitting the savings. After Blythes, we were off to Westforth sporting goods. Og pointed out a decent optic sight for the AR. I have a credit for one at the store down south, so I can have them order it for me when I get home. Next up, Cabela's. Hit Cabela's looking for the scope for the deer rifle. After some more expert advice from Og, we found a decent priced Leupold scope. Unfortunately, the counter was beyond busy, so I will order it online and just have them ship it. I can use the iron sites at the range until it comes in. It was a very nice day, and I really appreciate all Og's help. It really help to take someone knowledgeable along. Looking forward to getting it out to the range. Og pointed out the special antlerless season starts December 26th. May get to try out the rifle pretty soon.

My son has to work tomorrow, but suppose to meet up with my brother and the Og clan for breakfast. Haven't seen the Og wife and Oglet in a very long time, so that will be nice. Suppose to hit my Aunts house in the evening for some homemade lasagna, garlic bread and all sorts of holiday fare. My son and his girlfriend will meet up out there when they finish up at work. I have to watch out, I could get use to all the homecooked meals.

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