Sunday, October 28, 2012

Almost missed it

They have really cool military shows at the armory where you can buy guns, uniforms, books, models and just about anything you can think of (including a deuce and a half). The cool jeep with machine gun mount wasn't up for sale though. Never know when you may need one to cut through traffic. They didn't advertise it too well. I just happened to catch it when I went online to get the address of the Louisville gun show. It was a great time. I picked up some books and saw some really cool items. It wasn't quite as big as it was last time, but still way cool.

Next up, Louisville gun show. It was a regular gun show verses the military one I usually hit. It was still good. They had a K11 rifle there I wanted, but the guy selling it wanted about twice what it was worth. Almost picked up another Garrand. Saw a few nice mauser broomhandles there. They had two with the wood stocks. Also had some nice P08's with stocks. Had to stop by the pork booth for a pork chop dinner before heading back. They have a few good restaurants on site. Got back and did a little yard work until I ran out of daylight. All in all, a good weekend.

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