Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vacation time

Been working tons of OT for the last several weeks. Finally get a week to relax. Went to the eye doctor and got my new glasses. I can actually see again. Broke my regular glasses a couple months back, and was wearing my old back up pair. How nice it is to actually see again. Getting use to the whole bifocal experience. It takes a little getting use to. It is nice to be able to read with both eyes again and actually see distance clearly. I have a new pair of work glasses on order as well.

 Hope to go to the range as soon as the monsoon is over. They also have a huge festival going on all week down town, so I will be eating well. It is a few blocks of solid food booths running both sides of the street. All profits go to charity. May take a mini trip to St. Louis or Louisville while I am off. Right now, we seem to be getting all the rain we didn't get in the spring.

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