Sunday, June 24, 2012

Short, but productive weekend

Managed to stay focused on yard work. Had to work Saturday so it was only a one day weekend. I cleaned out the pond in the back yard and refilled it. Then I tackled the one in the front yard. It was extra nasty. Got it all cleaned out and refilled. Replaced the dead pump and cleaned the filters. See how it does during the week. Hopefully add a few fish next weekend. Have to see if the little kids stay away from it or not. Have a couple real little kids that wander where they shouldn't. Had to remove things that were tossed in. That was last year. I am hoping they are old enough to keep their hands off my things now. They don't mean any harm. Their parents just don't watch them the way they should. Way too small to be wandering the block unattended. Got the weeds under control and picked up a couple loads of mulch. Still have to lay the mulch down,but the heat got the better of me after all the cleaning. Have to save some of the fun for tomorrow. May not have enough fun at work and need a little more when I get home. Last full week before vacation starts. Have to work this week and the following. But the following has Independence Day right in the middle. Planning on hitting Mammoth cave on vacation. Haven't done that in a few years. I am going to try and get back on the Mustang during vacation as well. All the mechanical items are in order. Just need to weld in floor panel and frame support. Then I can start reinstalling interior and get her out on the road.

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