Saturday, December 15, 2012

The last Saturday I have to work this year...

It wound up being an eleven hour day, but she's done and I am home. Probably only going to work four days next week. I am leaning hard at taking Friday as a personal day so I can get up north before dark. Give me a little more time to visit with everyone. May get in early enough to hit Cabelas before they close. Have to drop by the Griffith meat market for a cooler full of pierogis. They make them in house and they are delicious. Might have to throw in a Beggars stuffed pizza as well. Down here, they have no idea what a pierogi is. On the other hand, there is no shortage of smoked critters down here. The smoked deer meat will soon be getting passed around the lunch room at work. One guy got an electric smoker and smokes his own cheese. He offered to smoke some cheese for me next time he does a batch. I told him I would give him some pierogis on my return from my trip home. Have dinners lined up all next weekend. Get up tomorrow and hit the gun show at the armory. Suppose to catch up with a couple buddies from work. Heading over to their house afterwards to do some shooting. He built a berm in his backyard. Have to pick up some tannerite for some good old noisy fun. Going to take my Krag to the show. One of the guys I always talk to, and usually buy things from, likes krags and would like to see it. I am not parting with it, just let him check it out.

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