Monday, December 31, 2012

picked clean

Went to the butcher shop today to pick up some t-bones. There is a small gun store on the way. I dropped off to check out their wares as I usually do. They are pretty much picked clean. I figured they would be out of AR's, but the handguns were down to a few .22's and the single action cowboy guns. Don't know what caused the run on handguns. Sales people said it was their busiest day since they opened the store a couple years back. Their AR's disappeared long ago as everyone elses had. Sort of weird seeing all the empty spaces everywhere. Not much coming in either. They said there are massive backorders on everything. Not sure when or what will be coming in. Their ammo shelves were picked pretty clean as well.  Looks like full blown panic kicking in with some people. Glad I am well stocked on everything I need for some time in the future. I still have a couple bricks of the primers I use the most. A few thousand of the popular bullets I load. I always buy them in bulk as I get a better deal on them and it cuts shipping costs way down. Just need to pick up a couple cans of powder and I am probably good through part of 2014. Don't imagine the panic will last too long. Doesn't mean I wont be on the lookout for deals, but not really expecting to find any for some time to come. Clerk behind the counter said that the magpul magazines are getting several times their normal price in online auctions right now. They can't get them in either. I have more than I will ever need. I have several, which I consider plenty, and have bought them over the last few years. One here, one there. I like the smaller capacity mags anyway as it lets me use a standard rest. Be nice if a small portion of the panicking people would contact their congress critters and try to avoid the newest attempts at gun control,but, they wont. Latest bill they are trying to push through has a cute part in it. It would make guns like the AR, M1A, M1carbine, SKS and all high capacity mag guns the equivalent of a class 3  weapon. Cutest part would be when you have to register your grandfathered weapons and pay their gun tax on them. Current tax on a machine gun is $200 per gun.

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