Sunday, November 25, 2012

Spot shoot day

Went to the club to help out with the spot shoot today. It's a good time. Get to smell gunpowder and watch people having a good time. It also helps wear down some holiday calories. Hung targets all day. It's easy work hours and get to catch up with some of the club members you don't see at the meetings. I got my work hours in long ago, but it's still nice to just hang out, help out and talk to the other members. I did find out there is a $200 credit towards sights on the AR I won. I just have to figure out what I want on it yet. No hurry. I know the guy at the gun store, so the credit will be there when I decide. He can order something if he doesn't have it. Only one more spot shoot left this season. They will start up again early March, so I use that as a sign of spring coming. Took the AR's along, but it was already getting dark when the shoot let out and you have to stop shooting a half hour before dark on the range side. That was a quick vacation. Fortunately, only four weeks until the next one. Probably be some white stuff on the ground by then though.

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