Friday, December 7, 2012

Truck's got new shoes

Nothing like a new set of tires to make the truck drive like new again. Didn't realize how bad they were getting. A little rain and it got squirrely. At least I got them before winter sets in. Right now I am just enjoying a little global warming. May go outside and empty some aerosol cans to help extend the warmth. 
Made hotel reservations for the Christmas holiday. Thinking about taking a personal day on the twenty first and heading up a bit early. Be nice to visit with family and friends. My son and his girlfriend have a new apartment they want me to check out. He also bought his first motorcycle and wanted me to see it.  Be nice to hang out with my brother again.Hope to catch up with Og while I am out and about. Have to make a stop at Cabelas and Blythes sport shop. They may be over their limit of guns and I may have to relieve them of one or more of them.
Finish off the holiday trip with a stop at my Aunts house for some homemade lasagna that is almost as good as mom's was, and meet up with the rest of the family. Fingers crossed for no ice storms or lake effect snow nonsense until I escape back south again.
Once back, I don't go back to work until the 2nd of January. May head up Indy way and hit a museum or the zoo. Have to wait and see how the weather holds. This warm weather could just stick around all winter as far as I am concerned. Oh well, back to work tomorrow and a couple more weeks until vacation time

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  1. dude. where in NW Indiana do you need to be?

    Email me. I might could get you free accommodations.