Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's the mini weekend, yeahhh

Finally off for the remainder of the weekend. Tomorrow is the 4H center gun show, then it's out to the club to shoot for a bit. I finally reworked the wedge on the 45LC Uberti open top and got the barrel fit properly. Cylinder spins free and cycles proper now. Go down to cowboy town and exercise it for a while tomorrow. May see what sites they have at the show for my new AR. I can always use the gift card from the gun store on ammo or other range items.  If the weather is too crummy, I can fire up the Dillon and get some more ammo loaded. Want to load several hundred rounds of the 45LC, then switch over and run some .38 and .357.  When on vacation, I am going to try to load some 45acp. I haven't loaded anything for a semi auto yet. I bought lead bullets so I can load some for the wild bunch shoots at cowboy town. My buddy from work loves my Smith and Wesson 1911. He is in the process of checking trying to get one. A kid at work has a Springfield 1911 with a 3 1/2 inch barrel for sale he is trying out. He really wants a five inch barrel like I have. The shorter barrel would make a nice carry piece.

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