Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tomorrow, the debate

The only thing Obama seems to have heard in his debate was the reference to big bird. A pretty decent debate (at least from the republican side) , but the only thing Obama seems to latch on to is big bird. Probably occupy most of Bidens part of the debate tomorrow.  At least it is something he can relate to. Caught part of his back in chains speech a few weeks back. Hope he does his party proud tomorrow.  Looks to be a rather entertaining evening. If Obama gets back in, I sure hope nothing happens to him. I guess it never dawned on me what a complete blithering idiot Biden is. Be down right scary having that at the helm. Obama is bad enough, but Biden.  I think his only purpose is a life insurance policy for the big O.

 On the bright side, the machine gun shoot is coming on. Friday through Sunday is the Knob Creek machine gun shoot in Kentucky. Can't beat it for a great time at a cheap price. We are still on ten plus hours a day at work, but, it looks like they forgot to put me on the weekend schedule. Now if it can just go under the radar for two more days. I am hoping to find some more ammo for the Garrand. Last year is the first year I could not find any. Hope to find a nice M1 carbine this time around. Two more days......

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