Friday, October 12, 2012

Machine guns and flame throwers

What better way to spend the weekend than strolling through a HUGEEEEE gun show. Flame throwers and machine guns all around. I checked their website and it is a go. They had to cancel the spring shoot due to damage from severe storms. They must have gotten their new bridge finished. Should have some decent pictures tomorrow. I am hoping on finding some cans of 30-06 garrand ammo. Still have some, but I always grab several hundred rounds when it's available. Surplus has to run out eventually. Been saving brass and enclips for future loading. Threw some copies of my C&R license in the truck in case I find something I can not live without. One of the guys from work called. He took a bike ride out there and we will meet up tomorrow. Lucked out and didn't have to work tomorrow. Been going in at five and out by four or five in the evening, so a day off at a show sounds like a good break.

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