Sunday, December 30, 2012

Well, I can at least get close now

Went to the club today to try out my new rifle. I did manage to get most of the way back there, and then the tires started slipping. I managed to get out and will just try another day. It is very icy and the range is quite sloppy. I do miss my explorer. Four wheel drive with all terrain tires makes a huge difference. I keep debating on trading in my Freestyle on a F150 or a Silverado with four wheel drive. I don't have to haul people around anymore and the bed would make hauling lumber and such a bit easier. Did  pick up a burrito for dinner while out that way. The club is just off the college end of town. Lots of special little restaurants aimed at the college kids. Meant to hit the coldstone ice cream place on the way back, but I forgot. Wanted to hit the blog meet today, but wasn't sure how the roadways would be. They have been yapping about more snow,sleet and rain on the news. Figured I would play it safe and stay close to home. Few more weeks and I will head up for the Indy 1500. It should be down right packed to capacity with the latest government foolishness going on. The firearms dealers should send Obama a complimentary firearm for sending all the business their way and making 2012 their best year yet. The more they holler gun control, the more guns hit the streets. If only a politician had the mental capacity to learn or think before they acted. My favorite story was one of the gun buy backs in Chicago put to good use :)

 Still have a couple days before going back to work. First day back will be the club's meeting day. Figure I can take my rifle along and walk back to the range if it isn't too nasty. February meet will be their yearly gun raffle. Not bad. Dues are $120 a year. They give you a dozen tickets you can sell for ten dollars each, or do what I do and fill them all in and turn them in. So, you get a years membership for free, or ten chances to win prizes. Can't beat it. You have to put in eight work hours a year as well, but I do way more than that. The shoots are a lot of fun to work, and they supply food and beer for the workers.

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