Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Finally, Obama emits the words assault weapons ban. I can't believe he actually let it pass his lips before the election. Being an Illinois politician, it is usually first on their mind, but for him to actually vocalize it,,,,I would really have loved to have had someone ask him to explain his remark to Russia about his wait until after I am reelected comment . That he would have more flexibility.  I was happy to see Mittens actually not reverse his stance on illegal, I repeat ILLEGAL, not undocumented workers, ILLEGAL aliens. That he is still for no amnesty. I would still like to see one with the stones to actively deport them back across the border. Not self deportation. Obama did OK without his teleprompter. It seems if you bring your own moderator along to help you out, the teleprompter is not quite necessary. Both candidates managed to not answer most of the questions in detail, but they are politicians.

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