Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Who ordered this mess

Unfortunately, the weatherman was dead on. We got hammered pretty good, for down here anyway. I had to dig a path for Spike to go out. He jumped in and was up to his head in the snow and couldn't go anywhere. Managed to get the driveway dug out and made a path for the neighbors dog to get out. I don't have to be anywhere today, so, I am going to stay in the warmth and relax a bit. It is just good knowing the truck is ready should I need it. They have no idea what a snow plow is out here, so, I will let others wallow around on the streets thus clearing a pathway. I am so glad I made it home before this stuff hit. The new rifle is just going to have to wait a couple more days to get some rounds through it. Thought I moved far enough south, but, I guess not. I keep looking down toward Texas way and have not ruled it out. Spent a month down there back in 81 and really enjoyed it. Don't think they see too much of this white stuff down there.

Shot a picture of my new Hoosier deer gun. Og was kind enough to help me make my selection. Was going to get a lever gun, but, after having feed issues with the one I have and reviews showing the newer Marlins are prone to jamming, I felt the bolt action was more dependable. Last thing you need when you are out hunting is the gun to jam. Hope to get out and pick a scope up tomorrow if the weather lets up. Plan on using the $200 credit from the AR I won to buy a scope for this rifle.The AR, if I choose to keep it, will get a low end set of optics in the future. Not really in a hurry for anything for that. I am actually contemplating taking advantage of the unprepared desperate people running around scarfing up all the black guns before the ban. If someone wishes to offer me a big wad of cash for the AR I won, I may be persuaded to part with it. I really like the long barreled varmint guns like the one I built better anyway. If things do calm down without some ignorant legislation barring AR's, I will get the AR10 that I have wanted but haven't gotten around to getting yet.


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  1. I went into work at 0'dark hundred this morning and it was just windy. When I got done around 10, it was full out nasty. 10 mph all the way home.

    Glad you are OK, fortunately the way the wind was blowing, the driveway is free enough from drifts that Barkley can get out with just a little shoveling. Stay safe!