Sunday, October 21, 2012

Decent auction

Had a great time at the gun auction. Picked up a couple cheap wall hangers for above the fireplace. They had a few rifles I liked, but others liked them just a bit more than I did. I did manage to drive the price up for them though. Had a beautiful M1 carbine and a couple decent ones. A couple garrands were there as well. All went higher than I was willing to go. Some of the prices got ridiculous. A henry .22 went for more than they go for brand new. You have to know what you are looking at because sometimes people push the prices up too far. Picked up some cool sketches at the silent auction as well. It was a pleasant way to spend Saturday. 

I was going to hit the Indy 1500, but after talking to my brother and reading Tam's blog(view from the porch), I decided it wasn't worth driving three hours north, fighting to park and waiting in line for half an hour to go to an over crowded show. Democrats are a gunstore owners best advertising. The reject in the white house mentions assault weapons ban, and the people go nuts, again. What do they expect. Obama is a Chicago politician. I grew up in Northwest Indiana. There is nothing worse than a Chicago politician. The dense SOB's can not understand gun control has no effect on crime. Chicago has the worst crime rate, and their gun laws are the most ludicrous in the country. The only ones that have guns in Chicago are the criminals and politicians. Although the last sentence was a bit redundant. Another four years, the country can be as well run as Chicago. We can have rampant gun control, tax businesses out of the country (like they flee Chicago at every tax hike). A Chicago politicians only answer for more money is to raise the taxes. It drives companies out. The more businesses leave, the higher they raise the taxes. Unfortunately, once they drive out all the businesses, all that will be left are the parasitic democrats and they are too ignorant to see the error of their ways. I don't feel bad for Chicagoans as they elect the parasitic scum to power. They must like paying a ridiculous amount of taxes for the privilege of high crime rate, high prices, and being deprived of their right to protect themselves. The big O gets in again, I do believe the country will look like  a big Chicago.

On the bright side, next weekend is the huge gun show at the Kentucky Expo center. It is on par with the Indy show for size, but, the aisles are set up where you could stand about five adults side by side and have room. It is a very nice show in a pleasant atmosphere. Throw in a few on site restaurants, and it makes for a pleasant trip.

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