Monday, December 17, 2012


Anyone interested, Guns America sent this link for signing a petition to numb nut about his latest gun control schmutz. Typical Illinois politicians answer for everything. Not sure he will be able to read it unless someone puts it on a TelePrompter. By the way, Connecticut has an assault rifle ban already. Did a lot of good. The guns were his mothers. If they were in a safe, chances are, things would have been different. If I had a mentally handicapped or emotionally damaged son (as he is being portrayed), I would not have guns laying about where he could have access to them. Still haven't figured out what happened to the second shooter they chased through the woods and brought back in cuffs. Or how the rifle that killed most of the kids walked itself back to the car while the shooter offed himself in the building. Sure would be nice if the loons just turned the guns on themselves first sparing the rest of the world their insanity.

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