Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finally on the way

The savage plinker is finally on it's way. I called to check on shipping date and was told it was on their dock awaiting pickup. Should be here by weeksend. I used the new gunstore down the road for their ffl service. It is only $15 for long guns. Most of the ones I called wanted $35 or didn't want to deal with it because it wasn't bought through them. It's a little store, but gaining popularity with the locals. Guy has really good prices and you can't beat his ffl rate. Talked to a guy at the club and found out where to take my C&R paperwork to. I live just outside the Town limits, so I get to go to the county sheriff department. He says they don't hassle you like they the police do in town. I guess in town, it takes multiple visits and you usually get the runaround. Once I get my license, I can order old military guns and have them delivered to my door. If I want newer firearms, I will deal with the new gunstore down the road. See good deals all the time, but the license will make it easier to move on them.

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