Friday, August 26, 2011

Frog Follies Part One

Today was the first day for the Frog Follies. It has to be the best car show anywhere. To enter a car, it must be pre 1949, but the sales corral and the vendors along with the used parts is open for anything. I managed to snag a full set of steel rims for my Mustang. Some of the rims on it don't  hold air too well on account of corrosion on the lip where it seals off. Thirty dollars for a set of four. The guy also has a full set of pony seats for it. I may whip by there again tomorrow and relieve him of them as well. I also spotted some chrome parts for my brother's 72 Monte Carlo. I spent ten hours there today and didn't get to see everything. Dropped by the Flaming River parts counter and priced out my steering column and linkage. They offer free shipping and quite a few $$'s off if you order at the show.

even Rat Fink showed up

I went through the sales corral where they sell the used vehicles. It is always like flashing back to the 70's again. They have old camaro's (old meaning the late 60's) and mustangs. They even had an old Ford Pinto there. They came out of the factory with rust. I honestly didn't think there were any left.

Nice cars in the corral including some ponies

and some people with a good sense of humor

Found a console that would fit my brother's Monte, but no luck yet finding one for the Stang. Week after next starts my vacation. Should be cool enough to weld on the Mustang without dying. I picked up alot of supplies at the show as well. They have boothes everywhere with just about anything you can think of. I picked up some sanding supplies, hand tools and power tools. It was a good first day. Sitting at home relaxing, trying to get the feet to calm down. Gonna hit the show for a little bit tomorrow, but have to rest up some for the Sunday Indy 1500 table gun show and blogmeet. This is a great weekend. Going to need a weekend to recover from the weekend. Five work days left and it's vacation again. Going to go to the Patton museum and hit Merango Cave on the way back on one of the days of vacation. A lot of other ideas as well, just need to decide on what all to do.

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  1. Ah yes, the 'fun' of wandering the car shows and corrals... (Spent WAY too many $$ at those)!