Friday, September 16, 2011

Almost the weekend

One more day. They managed to get the other CNC ID grinder going and mine got jealous the other one got all the attention, so it ate the B axis servo motor. I found much like the others that blew after the full rebuild a year ago, the outfit that wired it used a grommet that was too big for the cable they used, so once again water got in and water and electricity just don't mix well. I lucked out big time. The machine has two more months on warranty so the cable and motor are free. We also lucked out and the motor blew with the machine bed at the zero angle so I can grind faces and just have to interpolate all the grind angles until new parts get here.  I manage to get the machine going again, though it still remains wounded, and the other CNC ID blows the spindle motor, so we are back down to my CNC ID doing it all. Thus, I get to work tomorrow instead of going to the range. Oh well, more money.

The spot shoots start Sunday at the club. Figure I can help hang targets. It's nice and cool outside, so it should be a pleasant time. They supply free soup, coffee and beer to the workers so it's a pretty good deal. It's a chance to win some money or meat prizes as well. Suppose to meet up with one of the guys from work and his wife to shoot for a little while too. Have to try and hit the gun store tomorrow and pick up some more ammo and see if my supplies I ordered came in yet. Drool over the dillon press while I am there. Hope to buy myself one for Christmas this year.

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