Saturday, August 27, 2011

Frog Follies Day 2

Went back for a while today. They had more vendors set up. I found a factory radio for the Mustang for $15. May put that in for looks and get one of the trunk mounted aftermarkets to actually run through the speakers. I usually listen to CD's or the Ipod , so the new trunk mount discreet units will be ideal. It will also give interior the factory look. The guy still had the pony seats, but after some research I found out the seat frames are identical , it is the foam that is different. So, I can convert my seats to pony interior, it just means I need to change out foam as well as the covers. Price was really reasonable on the seats, but they would have needed to be redone, so I may as well redo mine. Weather has been perfect. I found a company that makes an air conditioner for the Mustang that looks like the original for under $700 complete. That will be way down the line on things it needs, but I have their card so when I am ready, I can give them a call.

Tomorrow is Indy gunshow...What a weekend....

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