Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's the weekend....Yaaay

Finished up today. Managed to get their hot job done in time and the next one set up and going. Day went very well. No distractions on Saturdays. It is rather peaceful and your not bothered so you generally can get alot done. After work I visited my local gun store. Owner is a member of the club and it's always fun to sit and chat with him for a while. Did a little horse trading. I am going to be trading my .357 I won at the NRA event in on a new 550B dillon loading press. Christmas comes early this year. I picked up some more ammo for cowboy town. I want to get up early tomorrow and send some lead down range before the spot shoots start up. Have not heard from my buddy at work yet as to whether or not we are going to get together to shoot tomorrow. He is bringing his wife out for a while. It's always more fun when you have people to shoot with. He bought her a .22 pistol to carry. I tried talking him into a heavier caliber. People automatically think women can't shoot anything but small caliber guns. I will take a variety of my handguns out and hopefully she can try out some different calibers and see which ones she feels comfortable with. I don't consider a .22 protection, that is a plinker. I have a 9mm that she might like. I will have my browning .380 as well as a couple .38 revolvers she can try. My glock is a .45,which is my carry, and it doesn't kick bad at all. I figured for being a light gun, it would kick harder than it does.Figure she can try that as well.  People seem to think women can't shoot. They need to come out to the spot shoots and watch the women that come out to all the spot shoots and walk away with alot of the prizes.

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