Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cowboy town

Went to the club after work for some fun. Bumped into one of the guys that runs the cowboy shoots. He was kind enough to give me some pointers. It was fun and informative. I watched topshots a couple weeks back, and thought it was clever using left thumb for cocking hammer so as to keep gun on target. It works great. The guy was giving me pointers on quick target acquisition, and it worked really well.  I was even doing well with my schofield. The opentop is a blast to shoot. He had me doing what they refer to as point and shoot. You shoot from the hip, both eyes open ( which is hard to do when you are use to closing one) gun low. I was actually hitting the heart on all the active targets. I was actually hitting the rifle targets with the pistol pretty well too. The guy is a really good teacher and is quite knowledgeable. He said he would bring some of his muzzleloaders out next time to play with. I ran out of daylight, so I still haven't been able to try the savage out. Maybe tomorrow. It looks like nice weather most of the week. Range is only a few minutes from work. I will try to make it out after work all week. It is nice having the range minutes away. I want to get the garand out some more too.The scope makes it even more enjoyable.

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