Sunday, March 27, 2011

Neat little plinker

Went to the gunstore yesterday on the way home from work. They had a couple of Krags on display. They were advertised as carbines, but they are just cut down rifles. Still look pretty cool. Price was really cheap and it's in good shape. I need to find a hand guard for it. I can check the military store down the road. I know he has garrand and 03 stocks and accessories. If not, I will keep an eye on fleabay. Weather was lousy today. Woke up to a dusting of white stuff. I am ready for warm weather to stay. It is suppose to get back to 60ish by weeks end. Just caught up on some house cleaning and made some pork chops for dinner. Good weather to just lounge around. The slight drizzle and white stuff was enough to convince me I didn't need to go to the club today to work. I am going to try to locate some 30-40 krag brass and a set of dies.My brother has a Krag, but I never had an opportunity to try it out. I just think they are a unique looking gun.

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