Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lever Guns

Lever guns are a pain to get back together. Broke the Rossi down all the way so I could polish the carrier and deburr some of the areas I could see were rough. What a mess... The carrier along with several other components had a rougher finish than a wrought iron fence. The channel in the receiver for the locking bolt on one side was machined poorly. You could see what appeared to be where a mill had dug in and undercut in a couple spots. Burrs were left on everything. The carrier had rough bumps sticking up and the finish was rough cast. I did a little polishing on the carrier with the dremel and reblued the metal before reassembly. Deburred everything the best I could. Not impressed with the quality of their products. Can't really do anything where the mill marks are other than polishing it up a bit and rounding the sharp edges to prevent galling of the lock bolts. If it still gives me grief it will be getting traded on a winchester version. I have a 30-30 winchester I like and the quality is far better. Unfortunately, Indiana won't let you deer hunt with anything other than a pistol caliber rifle and cowboy town won't let you shoot anything but pistol caliber either, so , I will probably replace it with another .357.  They aren't bad tearing down, but lining everything back up to go back together is a pain. Wouldn't have been as bad had I not put it back together and found a piece I left out. To put it in, I had to knock the pins out and tear it all the way back down again. The action is a lot smoother now, but the snap caps are showing it still has a slight feed problem. They are now coming off the carrier smooth, so that area is no longer a problem. Now they hang a little at the two notches in the receiver where the lip of the bullet passes through. May have to take it down one more time to try and smooth out that area. There is a rough patch in there that I can try and smooth out, but as thin as the material is in that area, I am almost afraid to try and polish it out. Think I will head out to the club and try it out and see how much it improved and hopefully play with the garrand for a little while. Still have some daylight left.

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