Saturday, May 7, 2011

What is the best handgun?

Everyone has their own opinion of which handgun is best. Some like revolvers, some semiauto. Some prefer a particular brand. Me, I think the best handgun is the one you win in a raffle and therefore doesn't cost anything. I went to the Friends of the NRA event at my club today. It was alot of fun.  They had shooting games, raffles, and chance drawings. The club put up the dinner, which consisted of pulled pork with potato salad and coleslaw. Excellent food as always. They had some beautiful guns up for auction. I had hoped on the M1A or the WWII era Underwood M1 carbine. I missed those, but walked away with a Ruger LCR .357 magnum with carrying case and a nice Friends of the NRA coffee cup.

It isn't something I would have bought, but never turn down a freebie.This is just a pic from a website. I pick mine up Monday after work. May check and see if they may be interested in a trade. The store had a rifle I wanted and if they will credit me for all or most of value of this gun, I may bring home the rifle instead.

I also finally brought the reloading stuff in from shed. It is bolted to board right now. I will transfer to loading table on next rainy day which, unfortunately, will probably be sooner than later.

 Want to get set up on loading some .38 with lead bullets for shooting at the club. I have tons of brass, powder and bullets. Just need some ambition and they didn't have any at the store. Suppose to be sunny tomorrow. I will cut the grass in the morning and then go to the club for most of the day to play at the range. Today started out rainy, but turned out nice and sunny 72 degrees with a pleasant breeze. Perfect for the NRA event as it was outdoors.

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  1. I'm a very homey guy and so I prefer smaller handgun for myself so that whenever I go out I could go concealed carry. The best gun for myself I think is Ruger LCR.

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