Sunday, May 1, 2011

What a week

Rain every single day this week. Yesterday was sunny all day, while I was at work. Get off, go home , take dog to vet appointment. Get out of vet and it is pouring out. Enough rain already. More wet shit for three more days so they say. Hope to see some sunshine soon. They have gunapalooza going at the club next Saturday, so I am hoping for sunshine as it is held outdoors. It's a nice event put on by Friends of the NRA where they have oodles of guns as door prizes along with a great meal. You get a meal and a chance to win one of twenty gun prizes as well as a silent auction on different items. I am really looking forward to it. I did luck out and miss the tornadoes and wind damage that has been wide spread down here. My buddy at work was loading up his boat Saturday and picking up his dad. They are going to go see how bad their cabin by the Ohio river is. When you need a boat to go check out your cabin, it's bad. Last time it got this bad, I guess the porch and part of the cabin actually tore off and floated away. No insurance makes it even worse.

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