Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One more day

We are off Friday, so tomorrow is it. Be nice to have an extended weekend. Go to the club Friday and help set up for the kid's Easter party. Want to get some target practice in any way, so I may as well help set up for the Easter egg hunt and party they have for the little ones on Saturday. I didn't have much luck with the savage when I had it out. It was suppose to be sighted in at the factory. I couldn't even see where it was hitting on the paper so I could adjust scope. The short ranges were busy when I was there, so this weekend, I will try to get it sighted in. My laser bore sighter is too big for the .17 . Did better with the garand. Went over to cowboy town and did some plinking over there as well. I picked up a cheap .22 revolver single action to plink with over there. I have the .38's which I use alot, but the .22s will be a nice addition and cheap to shoot for practicing. Want to get a .22 henry lever action for plinking as well. My brother has one, and it's a blast to shoot, and cheap to shoot all day. I have been working on the .357 Rossi lever action and it is starting to feed better. I was doing pretty good with it at the long range part of the cowboy area. They have rain predicted for the weekend, but I am hoping it misses us. Yard work is caught up, so I am hoping to play all weekend.


  1. Are you going to come to the blog meet?

  2. I wish I could. It falls on Easter Sunday and I was fortunate enough to get an invite from a buddy at work for Easter dinner. Hope to make the next one. Hope you have a great Easter.