Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yeah, It is vacation time

That's it. Off until next year. Thirteen days.... Tomorrow, I will finish up the reloading bench in the office. Just need to drill the  holes to mount my new dillon press. Furniture is all back in and situated. Hopefully be reloading some .38 lead ammo tomorrow and emptying it in cowboy town Thursday. Weather has been a little damp, but none of the white stuff has fallen as of yet. We usually last until sometime in January without snow, so hopefully get some decent range time in. Going to mail out some copies of my C&R tomorrow as well. I found a nice Krag at one site and a nice Schmidt Ruben K11 on another that doesn't look like a beaver has been nibbling on it.

Truck is acting up, so a trip up north for Christmas is out this year. It must have realized it is paid for now. It is acting like the trans is starting to slip a bit. Fortunately, I bought the extended warranty, so if it needs a new trans, it will be on Ford this time around. Having them fix the speed control and remote start while it is in the shop. Dealer I found is pretty decent. They will give me a loaner from Enterprise rental while my truck is in the shop. Probably drool a little over the new F150's while I am there. Use to check out the Explorer but they ruined it this year. Most people like it. To me it looks like they copied some of the ugly Cadillac features for the front. Not to mention going to front wheel drive and unibody. New Mustang looks pretty cool too. Just paid off the truck, so I am not in the market for quite a while. I do enjoy looking at the new models and if you are having your vehicle serviced, the salesmen usually don't tag team you in the lot while you are checking the cars out.

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