Friday, April 8, 2011


Finally the end of the week. I got home and found out my rifle was in. I went to the new gun store to pick it up. It is a really cool store. They have a huge wrap around deck with chairs set up for customers to enjoy the weather. They have an outdoor area set up for shooting bows. They are working on setting up an indoor shooting range, although I prefer the outdoor ones. I would like to try my hand at archery, but I think I will use the club equipment to see how I like it. This place has a good selection of new and used bows.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, I will head for the machine gun shoot. Never have too much ammo for the garand. Hope to find a handguard for the krag as well. Usually find good deals on the ammo in enclips and bandoleers for the garand. There is a surplus store around the corner I can sell the extra enclips, bandoleers and cans to recoup some of the purchase price as well.

The armory has their show going on too. Probably hit it Sunday. Couple of vendors I like to talk to there as well. It is where I picked up my Garand as well as a couple of my krags. He may have the danish krag there. Only a couple spring spot shoots left, so I will probably work the club Sunday. Should be a good weekend.

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